Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Join The Story Box, Box Subscription

One of my favorite moments of motherhood is reading with Hazel. And even before she was born I wanted to teach her to learn to read because it's such an amazing gift to have. As a child I never enjoyed reading, it was more of a chore, especially when I was reading for a school assignment. But now, as an adult, I love to read -and I wish I could read faster. So for me, establishing her love for reading was really important, especially since I know it will be a big part of her life. 

When I found The Story Box, a book box subscription company, I was super excited to see what they were about and what they had in store for Hazel. The Story Box has three different types of book subscriptions you can choose from, all depending on how old your children are. The subscription box we chose to receive is called the Family Package, which includes two books, one board book, and one picture book. It was perfect for us because Hazel really likes both picture books and board books. In the Family Package subscription, you will also find a parent guide that helps you create activities that reference the book so your child can find the parallels between the two. And you will also find a challenge of the month, this gives you ideas on how to get your child thinking about the book -specific to the board book. If you're interested take a look at the different package options here

Hazel was over the moon when the book surprise box came in the mail for her, she loves surprises, and she couldn't wait to open it. She was excited to sit down and read the books she got, but also really excited about the decorative paper. This is so cuuute! We sat there and read the books, and she would comment and saying things like, where are they going? or what are they doing? It was really fun seeing the wheels turn inside her brain.  

We really enjoyed this subscription box and think it's such a great idea to give as a gift, or even get during the summer months when your kids are out of school. It's a great way to keep your kids busy and help teach them at the same time. 
Hazel, can you count the rabbits?
Onnne, two, three, four... 

I love teaching her to love reading. What a wonderful quality and talent to have while growing up. For more information about The Story Box head to their website.

We received this subscription box to review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. 


  1. I love the idea of a subscription story box. Super educational and would make a great gift, I say less technology at a young age and more educational tools for learning. I love your blog as well, super lovely great choice of theme, colours and menu bar.

  2. My baby loves when we read together! A book subscription is the best idea!! We've done one similar to this before!

  3. This is a really box! This would #perfect for a gift for birthdays, we have a bunch of nephew's with close birthdays and I think this would bet a great household gift!



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