Friday, July 29, 2016

what I'm liking, Friday

So It's no secret, I love dogs. And I've always thought it would be fun for Hazel to have a dog of her own. But, last week I was talking with Brand about the whole thing, and it's just too hard to have a puppy when it's not your house.  We're renting right now, so there's that, our backyard is all rock, so there's that, and I'm not sure I'm ready to have my furniture destroyed. So, for now, I'll just look at these cute pictures of all the puppies! 
These little white ones are the sweetest, but mannn if they get dirty...
I wouldn't mind having one of these, the one my family had was probably the best, sweetest dog ever! 
The eyes on this one
The coloring is probably the cutest!
Dinner recipes this week: 
The pineapple in these really gives it an extra touch, and the mix with BBQ is genius!  
We've been into sweet potatoes lately and this recipe looks really good.
Chicken potato salad, yummy and so easy to make.
I cheated last night and bought a frozen pizza from the store, and then tomorrow it's leftovers! I always love leftovers when the meals cooked that week were extra good, otherwise I'm not a huge leftovers girl.  Anyone else?!
Also, does anyone have a dog and a toddler? Any tips or tricks that might make it seem more realistic?

Happy Friday, Friends! 
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Monday, July 25, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

This weekend we did a bit of traveling... well as much traveling as we would like to do right now with a so impatient Hazel. So that means we traveled 30 minutes to the other side of the valley -and it kind of stole our hearts.. not in a gushing way, but in an oh wow, there are so many fun family things to do over here, kind of way.  We were headed to IKEA to pick up this table for Hazel, I've been searching for an inexpensive toddler table for weeks and this is pretty much the best I've found, unless you want to spend $80 on a toddler table... no-thank-you

But to give Brand a bit of encouragement in how much fun it would all be I told him we could also look for Pokemon while we were out traveling.  Let's be honest first, he's not the only one that thinks this Pokemon thing is fun... I loving it you guys! haha!  

So that's what we did, and while we were hunting we found this fun park that had a nice big playground annnnnd splash pad -too bad we didn't bring out suits. Hazel and I had a blast going down the slides and climbing all over the playground. If it were a nice cool fall day I bet we could have spent at least an hour there. No joke!  Hazel loves to be outside and so do I, as long as the weather is cool that is. 

IKEA wasn't as much fun as I was expecting. The whole maze thing was really annoying and quite honestly gave me claustrophobia.  Plus, Hazel wasn't too happy that she wasn't allowed to climb on the tables or play in the play tube, so that made for a long dramatic exodus. Note to self: next time go alone. 
Hazel turned a year and a half on Friday so she got to attend nursery on Sunday.  My hear sunk as we walked to nursery, thinking about how big she has gotten and how much she is learning and talking. YOU GUYS!!! She had a blast, she got to play toys, blow bubbles, eat snacks, and sing songs. She looked like such a big girl sitting in the chairs, at one point she looked back at me as if she was checking in to make sure she could be doing what she was doing. Ohhh be still my heart

And for the most blurry picture I'm going to give.... 
Also, why is my eye always so squinty when I smile?!  Secondly, Hazel had just finished eating 
chicken nuggets and I'm pretty sure has some right there on her teeth. (: 
Happy Monday, Friends!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

when your toddler breaks your glasses and you don't have a backup pair.

So, a few weeks back Hazel broke my glasses. She was opening them up to put them on herself and she opened them a little too wide and snapped off one of the arms. Obviously I tried to handle the situation with the least amount of worry -because lets face it they are just glasses- but then I remembered all the things I use my glasses for.  I was able to tape the arm back onto the glasses, but that meant that the glasses were super fragile, and that I couldn't fold them up.

Let's just say I really could have used an extra pair of glasses. 

Fast forward a few weeks to getting these Firmoo glasses in the mail only wishing I had ordered them sooner -because it's always good to have a back up pair of glasses. I must say I am really loving them thought, the design, the fit, the prescription. To be honest, I think I like them more that my other pair of glasses -the ones that Hazel broke! (: 
If you're in the market for a new pair of glasses or you're just looking to get yourself an extra back up for the chance your toddler miiight do the same as mine use this code: ALYSSA and get a free pair of glasses at Firmoo.  (Offer expires August 11th)
Happy shopping!


Monday, July 18, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

This whole weekend I dreamt it was fall. I don't know what put me in the mood, maybe it was Hobby Lobby and their beautiful decorations -I'm never going to complain about these cool holiday decorations in stores because they kind of make me happy. Or maybe it was the fall candle I was burning all weekend, someone posted about one on facebook and I just had to scratch the itch. Burn baby, burn!  Bit, those are really the only reasons why I dreamt it was fall, because the rest of the weekend we were swimming or inside trying to stay cool. And second, it's been nice having Brand home on the weekends, Now Hazel has two people to run ragged.  
Saturday evening we ventured out to some stores -while catching pokemon along the way... don't judge us. Hazel actually did really well at the stores, and I say actually because we've been having a rough time lately with her and stores. It's usually us leaving the store with her screaming at the top of her lunges because I didn't want her to get a toy down or something to that extent. But, this week I've been trying really hard to explain things to her, like even if she is screaming and throwing a tantrum. I guess my work paid off because Saturday at the stores she listened. SHE LISTENED! When I asked her to put something back, she did. When I asked her to come with, she did! I was in complete shock! YOU GUYS!!
Saturday morning was spent doing some major swimming, and apparently we completely wore her out because she slept for a good hour and a half, we all know that's not the norm for Hazel. Swimming every day?! Whenever she falls asleep somewhere other than her bed I have to take a picture, it just seems to rare and I feel like I have to capture the moment or it didn't really happen. You know what I mean?!
And of course church on Sunday and family Sunday night. Hazel has been a bit difficult at church lately -I can't blame her because sometimes I have a hard time sitting still for that long. But yesterday we were walking through the hall and we could hear the kids in nursery singing if you're happy and you know it -Hazel's favorite song. And so we stopped and sung with them she was smiling from ear to ear.  When they were done she started pointing a the classroom like she wanted to go in there. And in that moment my mind was taken to the movie The Jungle Book (animated of course) at the end when Mowgli sees the girl from "the man village", he follows her right into the village and hardly looks back. And for a moment that's what it felt like with Hazel... she got all goo-goo for nursery and I couldn't help but feel like Baloo. Because sure, Sundays are tough, sure I don't often learn much from the lessons, but I wouldn't trade my time teaching Hazel to sit still or teaching her about church, for anything. Boy it's going to be different having her in nursery, but she's going to love it! 

Friday, July 15, 2016

what I'm liking, Friday

I've been itching to make our office a play room for Hazel -this isn't really going to happen, I mean, as it is, it's really an office playroom right now... But I dream of the day when we are in our own house and Hazel has her own toy room where she spends hours each day playing and working her cute little imagination. Let me show you what I've been dreaming of...

This cute little reading loft, just imagine being a kid and reading in this. I would have wanted to read all day long! 

And who am I kidding when I look at this, it's really more of a playground, so I'm not sure how I feel, but it would really, really be fun! 

Cute fun way to organize toys and books

Love the bright colors of this one, and pretty creative too. 

Dinner ideas for the week:

Quick and easy bagel dish, with a twist of apple to crunch. 

Cinnamon French Toast - delicious if you're wanting breakfast for dinner, and it's almost as good as Kneaders... almost. 

Cheesy Potato Casserole - Hazel absolutely loved this dish, almost every bit she took she said mmmm.

And then for a really super easy meal I just bought some Dinty Moore stew and made my own recipe.

Happy Friday! 


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Have you ever made cinnamon rolls? It takes a long time, and it's fun and all, but just eating it was more appetizing than anything else. Not having to slave away at making delicious cinnamon rolls, but still having the wonderful aroma in my home.  Store bought, frozen cinnamon rolls for the win! Seriously, don't ever knock frozen cinnamon rolls until you've tried these, you'd never know the difference! 
Hazel is really loving this learning tower we bought. I'm really loving it too. I especially love that I can actually get dinner made with both my hands. And Hazel especially loves it because she can be right there helping me make dinner. She is really good at helping actually, she loves to stir and break things apart. Tonight she helped me put cheese on top of our dinner... although it didn't need the cheese I've been trying this new thing where I just go with the flow if it's not breaking any real rules. It seems to be working out pretty well.
Fourth of July was kind of rough around here. Hazel was sick, sick alllll week. Poor thing. A few days prior we went to a birthday party where a child had hand foot mouth, so at first we thought she had that. Then finding no bumps anywhere on her body -and after a dr visit- we find out that she didn't get it (THANK YOU!!) and she just had some kind of sore throat. Either way, she's better now which means she's not nearly as whine-y. 

She didn't get a fever until Fourth of July night, so -not knowing-we thought we could still celebrate a little bit. Thinking she would be really excited about all the booms and lights, we bought a bunch of pop-it's, sparklers, and what nots. But, apparently it was just not that big of a deal for her -I'm blaming her sickness of course. Hopefully next year she isn't sick so that she can really appreciate the whole Fourth of July thing! 
It's one of the funnest things, to watch Hazel eat. She makes these dramatic faces and more often than not you'll hear her "bite" into what ever she is eating. One of those pretend dramatic bite noises, you know what I mean. She's quite the character when it comes to eating. 

I feel like I'm slowly getting back to normal over here. Last week was brutal, we were in the house all week because we thought she had hfm and we didn't want to spread it to anyone. We're counting our blessings she didn't have it, and even more grateful that she is feeling better. I say it every time, but I sure wish I could be sick for her. It's probably the saddest thing ever. 

Happy... Tuesday night! 



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