Wednesday, April 12, 2017

enjoying time outside with your toddler + a giveaway

While half of the country is snowed in from their six more weeks of winter - which I'm sure is feeling a whole lot more like six months - Hazel and I are over here playing outside in the swimming pool. If you aren't too fond of us right now, just wait till summer time and you'll feel much better because we will be the ones stuck inside.  Either way, you'll want these Tug Boats for your tub and pool adventures in any weather. 
I know I'm always saying it, but Hazel loves to be outside. This morning I reintroduced her to the swimming pool and our sensory bins - all of which we haven't played with since last summer because we've been a the parks all winter long. Anyways, I think we've refound Hazel's love of the swimming pool and being in the backyard. As soon as I turned on the water and started cleaning the patio with the hose I thnk she started to remember how it all worked. She was ready to help me fill up the pool -with a little bit of cleaning first - and this year she is able to get in and out of the pool all by herself. No-help-needed. Not sure how I feel about that one. 

Hazel loves playing with these cute Nuby Tub Tugs Bath Toy - I know they are bath toys, but they are so versatile and totally usable in the pool too! They are super soft tug boats that float easily in the water. I especially liked that they were very sturdy and always stayed afloat. Also, perfect if you're wanting to help your little one develop better hand-eye coordination.  These cute interactive faces on each boat made it especially fun because it was almost as if they had come to life. My favorite part about watching Hazel play with these tug boats was when she made them talk to each other. Her conversations started like this:  

In a high voice: Hi how are you? 
In a low voice: Oh I good. What are you doing?
In a high voice: Oh, just swimming in the water. Seee! As she swims the high-voiced tub boat around the pool. 

They are BPA Free and available here, on Amazon.  They also squirt water from their mouths which makes it especially fun when you're playing with a friend or a parent! 
How do you enjoy outside time with your toddler? What are your favorite toys to play with in the water?

Head over to my Instagram if you are interested in winning a set of tug boats for your toddler!!!
Giveaway starts tonight (4/12) and ends Friday night at midnight (4/14).
Good luck! 

For more products and other information visit Nuby on their sites below

I received this product for review, but all opinions and words are my own. 


Wednesday, April 05, 2017

from the mouth of Hazel

 March 2017, Two years old

For a long while now I've been wanting to start a monthly--let's see how long this lasts--post about all the new things Hazel is saying. She's a pretty smart girl and I'm loving the things she is coming up with as of late.  And sometimes the things she says make me take a step back and think, is that what I soundd like?! I don't know, but let's be real. It's the cutest thing when your toddler starts to talk, their little voice is the cutest thing in the world... I know, because Hazel's IS the cutest voice in the world.

Me:--obviously trying to sleep--
H: Mom what are you dooooing?! 

H: Where is Sparkle today?! -Sparkle is our elf and she still sometimes asks this question even though she knows Sparkle went back to the North Pole with Santa. 

H: How you doing mom? 
Me: I'm good Hazel. How are you?
H: mmmmmm good. 
H: How dreaming mom? -because we usually ask if she had any dreams...

H: Mom, guess whaat?!
Me: What Hazel?
H: Mary is here! 

H: My name is Winnie the Pooh and I like honey!

H: Can I have some milk, awesome?
Me: Do you mean, also?
H: Also.

Me: Hazel do you want to play toys? 
H: Yeah, sure. 

H: Say sorry to me. 
M: Why do I need to say sorry?
H: Because that wasn't nice.

H: Do you want to go to Target?
Me: Sure! 
H: Okay, do you want to go now or later?

H: You need to say sorry or you go to time out. 

H: We both sharing!

H: She has baby in her tummy!!
Me: No, that's her chest. 
H: Oh that her chest. 

H: I have baby in my tummy like Aunt Liz. 
Me: Oh, you do?!
H: No, it's just playdoh!

H: Ohhh that's too saaaaaad.
What are your kids saying that have you cracking up? Hazel's newest word... why. And I'll just let you feel sorry for me now because I'm over here trying to figure out why Gran lives at her house, and why birds fly. 
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

plan the perfect park date with your toddler

The park might be our second home, fact. Everyday Hazel asks to go to the park at least once, and if I say not today she responds with a very so sweet pleeeeeeeeease.  This girl is already learning how to get me to say yes and she's only two. What a trickster.

We love playing at the park, especially with the great weather we've been having - unfortunately coming to an end soon - but, we've been trying to take advantage of it as long as we can. We have found some fun new parks that we love to visit at least once a week. Hazel likes to come up with names for these parks - mostly they are named after the people who live nearby. For example, this park in the photos is called Gran's park, because it's near my mom and dad's house. Anyways, since we are such pros at playing at the park (haha!) I thought I would give some fun ideas on how we enjoy our time there.

1. Play With Your Toddler - Don't just sit around on the bench, get up and enjoy the weather, the cool breeze. Chase your toddler around the park, play with them, go down the slides with them. Quality time with parents is something children always remember, the one-on-one play is so special and really helps build your relationship. And all the running around gives you a nice workout too!

2. Bring Snacks and Water - We love taking this Snack N' Sip cup to the park with us. It's light, easy to carry, and has the perfect spot to keep your snacks. I especially love that it is two-in-one, that way you just have one thing to bring with you. You don't have to worry about lugging around a bunch of cups and bowls. I also really like the no spill feature, perfect for little toddlers who can sometimes make a mess. Hazel really likes that she can easily get into the snack part, and it's fun for her because it's like the snacks are a little hidden treasure in her cup. It's also really easy to wash and take apart. 

3. Let Them Explore on Their Own - I know, I know. I said play with them. You can do both! In fact, it's also good for them to explore the world on their own as well. Let them play in the sand, or walk along the walkways and try to balance. Obviously, you don't want them to wander too far away, but give them a bit of space. 

4. Teach Them About The Park - When they come back from exploring, ask them what they saw. Point out different birds or plants that you see, tell them about the animals that live in trees or the bushes nearby. Remind them that this is the animals home so we need to treat the park with respect. 
We love being outside! What do you like to do when you play at the park? What kind of snacks do you bring?

For more products and other information visit Nuby on their sites below

I received this product for review, but all opinions and words are my own. 



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