Monday, October 24, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

November is almost here and we've finally made our way to the pumpkin patch. I think when you have a kid it's one of those obligatory things that you almost have to do.  We traipsed around McDonald Ranch, over in Scottsdale, and I say traipsed because it was so hot outside that it was hard to get the energy to walk around. Why is Arizona being so horrible this year, bring me the cold weather! 

Hazel rode some fun little bikes, had duck races, walked through a hay maze, "milked a cow", and we even got to take a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch--Hazel called it a train ride. An hour into the whole thing I started wondering why I live here and why I thought it would be a fun idea to go to this pumpkin patch, granted it would have been more fun with cooler weather, but seriously Arizona, just get it together! 
Friday night Brand's school had a Halloween party and Hazel successfully experienced her first trick-or-treating event. She caught on rather quick and by the time we had to be done, because time ran out, she was ready to "get more candy".  Her first attempt at trick-or-treating was kind of like trying to relocate a scared cat, minus the nails. She was leaning back, hold you hold you she would say, and she wasn't too sure about the witches-hat the lady was wearing.  But, once she realized she got candy from saying trick-or-treat and thank you she was more than willing to walk up to anyone who had a basket filled with candy sweets. 
Saturday night we had a Halloween-ish party with good friends and I think we found a new tradition--witches brew!! We played games, ate too much food, and just had fun. It's nice being friends with people you can be yourself around, isn't it?

And now it's time for Monday! 

Happy Monday, friends!  (also, head to my instagram and enter my giveaway to win Target and  Starbucks gift cards!) 


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