Wednesday, September 14, 2016

traveling with a toddler and bringing snacks

Whenever Hazel and I go somewhere I've always got a bag of snacks in toe. Snacks for her and snacks for me. But when we went to San Diego a few weeks back bringing snacks was a whole different story because we were traveling and needed a variety of snacks. Here are a few things we brought on our trip:  

Insulated Food Cup: We love our Insulated Stainless Steel Food Jar w/ Folding Spoon. Hazel is currently loving strawberries and dip right now, which is good because strawberries are healthy, and I love that she is actually enjoying something that isn't pure sugar. We love this food jar because it kept Hazel's strawberries and dip cold for our whole drive to San Diego (almost 6 hours). We put it in the fridge at our hotel when we arrived, and then took it to the beach the next morning! It's easy to use and easy to clean, and of course BPA free. It also comes with a folding spoon that stores inside the cap incase you're eating soup or anything else that your toddler might need a spoon for.  It's perfect for picnics at the park or a short day trip to the other side of town.  It also comes in two other colors.

Snack Keeper: Make sure you have some snacks that are easy to get a hold of. This Nuby Designer Series Snack Keeper is perfect for little hands and lets your toddler easily grab a hold of whatever it is they are after. With a soft lid that's smartly designed you don't have to worry about your toddler getting their hand cut either.  It's pretty spill proof too,  if you hold it upside down the food doesn't fall out (at least gold fish don't).  This means less mess and waste, and more snacks! It's BPA free and available in so many styles and prints. I only wish I hadn't shown Hazel how to take the lid off because now that's all she wants to do with it -hah! 
Insulated Drinking Cup: I cannot tell you enough times how much I love this Insulated Stainless Steel No Spill Flip-it.  It is the only cup I have found that doesn't leak or spill -this is huge for any mom. I love this cup because it is so easy for Hazel to drink out of, and because we've purchased so many other cups I wanted to try it for myself -yes I drank from her sippy cup- and it was so easy to drink from! Although it's not dishwasher safe I would still purchase this item again and again. It's also nice that it's really easy to clean and put back together. 

Zip Lock Bags: Pack your packages of snacks -that you aren't going to eat right away- into big zip lock bags so that everything is together. I loved that I was able to have two specific bags for Hazel's snacks. It made it so that I wasn't digging around trying to look for a certain snack, I could just look at the bag, find what I wanted, and grab it. 
How do you travel with snacks?

I received these Nuby products for review, but all opinions are my own. 



  1. That insulated snack holder looks amazing! I usually use the plastic snack keeper to cut down on the mess. My little one is still really into Cheerios so it works well. Thanks for sharing your experience with those products!

  2. These pictures are so cute!! And I just noticed in your bio that you love The Office! I'm literally watching that right now! Haha



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