Monday, September 05, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

So our plans for the weekend were all over the place. First we were going camping and then we got sick. Then we were going to go somewhere and explore -I don't know you guys, I've got the itch to get out and go! And neither of these things happened, in fact something really unfun, more tiering and backbreaking happened... we did yard work. If you follow me on snapchat you would have seen the forest our backyard once was. In my opinion there are way too many plants in our backyard (we're renting so we can't really change it).  But this just makes doing the yardwork that much more tedious the more plants... the more work... So, we did what any decent person would do, and we hacked all the plants, cut off their heads in a manner of speaking. Our backyard looks so bare and I can actually see over I fence into the green belt, it's almost weird.  But, I'll get used to it. 
Friday night we had a date night, and on Instagram I talked about how I'm the newest brand ambassador for Dating Divas (seriously go check them out).  They have great date night ideas and there is always something new a different they are coming up with.  Stay tuned for some coupon codes too!
Today we had some donuts, went to the park, lounged around, and had some dinner. I had bigger plans for our Monday, but once again they didn't happen. And really, that's okay. I think today was a good day, the weekend was good and we got some time to relax and have fun. Hazel really likes being home now because this weekend I pulled out her doll house and she has been playing with it non-stop, I'm not kidding I think that's all she's played with this weekend. She really loves it! 

What were your Labor Day plans?! Also, what's the deal with the whole no white after Labor Day thing? I'm not a fan...


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