Tuesday, August 30, 2016

SeaWorld San Diego -a must see!

There's always something fun about amusement parks and aquariums.  Having them combined into one great park makes it that much better. SeaWorld San Diego has always been a special place for me. I remember going to SeaWorld with my family when I was younger. I remember the rides we went on -Shipwreck Rapids probably being one of our favorites, because getting soaked was an absolute blast. Shamu Stadium, seeing the beautiful Killer Whales up close, being amazed at how smart these big animals are. 
As a mom, planning summer vacations has always been something I've been eager to do.  And watching the excitement and wonder in Hazel's eyes as we walked through SeaWorld was a site I will never forget. You could tell she was ready to play and explore because the first thing she said when she saw the park was walk!

When we first walked through the park we found Explorer's Reef, it was really neat to be able to touch different sea animals. My favorite tank was the one with the little fish that would come up to your finger and kiss it. It was really tickle-y!
Our next stop -because I thought it would be Hazel's very favorite, and boy was I right- was Sesame Street Bay of Play. It's seriously the best kids play zone ever.  There are rides little kids can ride on -as long as they know how to walk- a splash pad to cool off in, fun characters to meet, and so much more! Hazel was so excited to ride Elmo's Flying Fish and I was happy that there were rides she was actually able to ride on!  She loved going up high and down low on the ride and once it was over she kept saying more, more, more.  

We walked throughout Sesame Street Bay of Play and I think Hazel was so excited she didn't know what to do next. There was a huge play place that parents were allowed in -that's how bit it was, and fun jumping and shape stacking areas for bigger and littler kids. Given the chance we could have spent all afternoon in this part of the park!  
Walking through the park was so much fun and there are so many things to see. Different aquariums filled with big fish and little fish, penguins, and turtles, and even sharks.  We enjoyed walking through the aquariums and even seeing the animals outside in their habitat. 
One of my favorite areas was probably watching Shamu at Shamu Stadium.  It's amazing what these huge Killer Whales can do, and they make it seem effortless. The most surprising part to us all was how soaked we got -beware of the soak zone signs, they aren't lying.  As soon as I saw the whale's tail raise up out of the water I quickly turned around to protect Hazel from getting too wet, but we still ended up looking like a bunch of drowned rats. HA! 

Drenched and all we had the time of our lives! -pacifier to aid the crying babe... 
Our last stop was the SkyTower which couldn't have been a more perfect way to end our day and our little vacation in San Diego.  Being so high up and able to look around the park -and the city for that matter- really put it all into perspective. It was fun seeing how big the exhibits were and where we had been in the park.

We loved our visit to SeaWorld and cannot wait to travel there again.  Hazel still talks about the park a week later, she talks about Elmo, and the whale that threw the water at her.  We had such a great time learning about the animals and hope you get the chance to visit SeaWorld San Diego soon!

For this post I received admission to SeaWorld, but all thoughts and views are my own. 



  1. Yay SeaWorld! I recently moved to San Diego and my husband made sure I got to see SeaWorld during the summer. I touched those stingrays in your photo! As for the killer whales, I think since the documentary Blackfish came out, SeaWorld's really made an effort to change how their killer whale shows are done. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.

  2. I've been to the one in Orlando but never San Diego - it's beautiful there! I love sea creatures and I hope to visit one day. It makes me happy to see Sea World get some love despite some of the backlash the past few years. Because I really do think it's a great place and does some great work.

  3. Oh my goodness! Seaworld is top on my wish list of places to take the kids! I love your pictures!

  4. How fun! I've only been to the Orlando Sea World but it's been years!



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