Thursday, August 04, 2016

Dear Hazel,

I feel like these past few months you've grown more than ever -even though I say that a lot. But you have! These past few weeks you've started putting two word phrases together and sometimes even three. Possibly you favorite phrase yet: ready, set, go! You love to talk but get so mad when you can't tell us what you want, or what you are trying to say. When we can't understand you, you say nooooooo and start to stomp your feet really hard, so hard that you start walking backwards. I wish so badly that I could understand everything you need, but we get there sooner or later. Usually I'll tell you: Hazel, what do you need? Use your words. or even if we are desperate I'll say: Okay, show me what you want. 

For the most part we've got a pretty good daily schedule going and this routine is really what you thrive on. In the mornings we wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, and then we play. Sometimes we play at home, or other times we have singing time -oh my dear Hazel you love singing time.  We went last week and it's something you haven't stopped talking about. Unfortunately our singing time ended a bit early, something about you not listening when we had to be sitting -trust me, I gave you lots of warnings. But when we got in the car I told you: Hazel we had to leave Sister Lowe's house because you weren't listening to mom and you weren't sitting down. You need to listen to mom so we can sing at Sister Lowe's house. To which you responded: Lowww.... Leisss.... Sit. I'd say you caught on pretty quick, and all week you reminded yourself -and me about- these three words.  So singing time rolled around this week and I have to say you did so awesome, you listened, you sang, and you sat down when you were asked. I love how you are starting to understand. 
Some of my favorite moments with you are when you just want to sit with me, or how you always want to hold my hand in the car, especially if daddy is holding my hand.  In church this week we sat on the bench and you sat right next to me, with your legs to the side and your arm on my lap, you were quite snuggly actually! 

Some of your favorite things to play with right now are your Barbies, you like driving the little ones around in their jeep while singing the driving song.  You like playing with the busy boxes I made for you, and you really enjoy playing with the beans, gack, putting stickers on things, and cutting. You are very curious and are good at repeating things...

Dad and I would say you know almost 200 words, granted not every word is complete, and this doesn't include people's names. You know what I mean when I say: Maggie is in your room, go get the book from the office, or do you want to go for a drive. You are good at naming people in pictures and love talking about your family. You remember so many things -sometimes I don't even remember them- just the other day you remembered that we played ball in the backyard with Uncle Bryan and that was probably back in April! 
You've become somewhat shy around people, and you often say shyyy, when someone looks at you and you get bashful. To which I reply: that's okay, and then you say: mom shyy.  And then we talk about how it's okay to be shy, but it's also okay to say hi to people if they smile at us. 
Last week there were two days that you took a 2 hour nap! I was in complete shock when it happened, and as usual, you're back to your 30-45 minute naps... once a day... You're my little busy bee! 

These past two days we've had nice (88 degrees) weather so we've been able to spend some time outside. You love being outside and playing in the grass. I can't wait till it's cool enough outside for us to play outside all day! 

I love you more than you'll ever know and I cannot believe how much you're leaning and growing. Every day I look at you and think of how big you are getting and how much you have changed within the past few months. 

I love you my Hazel girl! 

xo, mom


  1. She is so beautiful and growing up so fast!!! I cannot wait until I get to share moments like this with my daughter after she is actually born lol. But I know for sure, if she is anything like me, she's going to end up being a whole lot of trouble with a big mouth and attitude to match it. Jesse has no idea what is coming for him.

  2. Aw, this is so touching! I'm sure she'll love reading it when she'll grow older or when she'll have a daughter herself.

  3. Cute baby girl! And such fun memories to record for her.

  4. She is too cute! I love this idea of documenting the little moments in life!



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