Tuesday, July 12, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Have you ever made cinnamon rolls? It takes a long time, and it's fun and all, but just eating it was more appetizing than anything else. Not having to slave away at making delicious cinnamon rolls, but still having the wonderful aroma in my home.  Store bought, frozen cinnamon rolls for the win! Seriously, don't ever knock frozen cinnamon rolls until you've tried these, you'd never know the difference! 
Hazel is really loving this learning tower we bought. I'm really loving it too. I especially love that I can actually get dinner made with both my hands. And Hazel especially loves it because she can be right there helping me make dinner. She is really good at helping actually, she loves to stir and break things apart. Tonight she helped me put cheese on top of our dinner... although it didn't need the cheese I've been trying this new thing where I just go with the flow if it's not breaking any real rules. It seems to be working out pretty well.
Fourth of July was kind of rough around here. Hazel was sick, sick alllll week. Poor thing. A few days prior we went to a birthday party where a child had hand foot mouth, so at first we thought she had that. Then finding no bumps anywhere on her body -and after a dr visit- we find out that she didn't get it (THANK YOU!!) and she just had some kind of sore throat. Either way, she's better now which means she's not nearly as whine-y. 

She didn't get a fever until Fourth of July night, so -not knowing-we thought we could still celebrate a little bit. Thinking she would be really excited about all the booms and lights, we bought a bunch of pop-it's, sparklers, and what nots. But, apparently it was just not that big of a deal for her -I'm blaming her sickness of course. Hopefully next year she isn't sick so that she can really appreciate the whole Fourth of July thing! 
It's one of the funnest things, to watch Hazel eat. She makes these dramatic faces and more often than not you'll hear her "bite" into what ever she is eating. One of those pretend dramatic bite noises, you know what I mean. She's quite the character when it comes to eating. 

I feel like I'm slowly getting back to normal over here. Last week was brutal, we were in the house all week because we thought she had hfm and we didn't want to spread it to anyone. We're counting our blessings she didn't have it, and even more grateful that she is feeling better. I say it every time, but I sure wish I could be sick for her. It's probably the saddest thing ever. 

Happy... Tuesday night! 


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