Friday, June 24, 2016

what I'm liking, Friday


This week I had the biggest itch to redo my family room. The whole layout we have just isn't ideal -for really anything in general. So because this isn't going to be the house we live in forever and because we are on a student budget I thought I'd just oooo and ahhh over the pictures online. 

I'm craving a beautiful sectional, I really like this sectional, but obviously white wouldn't really work in my situation... kids. 

Loving the trendy colors in this room, and the sectional is such a beautiful leather! 

The openness of this room is amazing and the couch looks extra comfortable. 

This huge window though...

Quite cozy if you ask me.

I also really like the modern look, but I'm thinking a dark gray?!

Delicious recipes this week, I've taken to finding food blogs instead of using Pinterest now.  It seems that I've used all the recipes Pinterest has to offer at the moment. So this week I stalked I wash... You dry, and I think I'll be stalking her blog next week as well. Here are the recipes we used: 

cheeseburger French fry casserole, this dish was delicious and well worth the work. 

chicken bacon potato salad, pretty easy to make and our teething baby actually ate it too -we've been 
having lots of food aversions these past few weeks with her. 

Navajo tacos, need something quick and easy? this is it. deliciously mouthwatering. 

always wanting a little breakfast for dinner and sometimes it's as simple as crepes

These meals left us with plenty of leftovers for lunches and another dinner! And, you can always follow me on Pinterest to catch these recipes as I'm pinning them! 

Have a great weekend! 


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