Monday, April 04, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

I'm not sure if the planets are in some kind of zig-zag pattern or if it's jut my dumb unlucky self, but last week was tough. The weekend was a bit better, Hazel finally slept through the night and I was able to get some sleep! THANK YOUUUU!  I think she caught something from one of the kids we visited last week so that really stinks! Anyways, she's been super fussy and has NOT been a good sleeper -besides already not being a good sleeper. Oh well, such is the life of a mom right?!

This weekend we hung out and watched General Conference. We played outside, played with bubbles, water, and went for a walk. Soaking up all this last bit of nice weather before we get blasted in the face with summer heat. I can't tell you how much I'm not ready for summer heat.

Friday night Brand and I had a little date night. We had some ice cream, and watched 007, and can I say something? I actually stayed up and watched the whole movie. I'm notorious for falling asleep watching a movie, or ditching out and going to be early. I was pretty proud of myself. It probably helped that I was excited for the movie, I mean Daniel Craig?! I feel like I'm... what's the opposite of a cougar?? He's quite handsome though.

Have I ever said how much Hazel loves chocolate... I know I have, she is addicted and this is sometimes what happens after... Ooohhhh she's cute!
I made cinnamon rolls for the very first time this weekend, they were delicious! Post about them later this week, so stayyy tuned. Hazel always likes to be my helper, especially when I'm in the kitchen. I'm so serious about getting one of these for Hazel, so that she doesn't fall off the chair, because let's be honest... It's hard cooking and holding a baby at the same time! Anyone have something like this?! I'm looking for advice.

I broke out a whole bunch of toys this weekend and one of which was this little doll bed. Hazel likes sitting on it, but when I laid her down she wasn't too happy. Looking back I wish I would have taken these pictures when she was younger.. how cute would that have been?!

Well, that's my weekend. What did you do?

Happy Monday!


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  1. Oh, I have been praying Hazel will sleep through the night at least once so you can catch up on some sleep. Wahoo! Sleep Hazel, sleep!



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