Sunday, February 21, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Why is it getting so hot in Arizona? I'm kind of annoyed, Hazel loves being outside, but it's just been so hot! Don't get me wrong, we've still been taking walks outside, but by the time we get back to our street I'm about ready to sprint home, run inside, and plant my body on the cool tile. Obviously I don't do that, but I can imagine myself doing that. And by the time we get in the garage Hazel is signing more, as in come on mom, I want to go on a walk some more. Poor girl is really in for it when the real summer hits. Yikes!

What did we do this weekend? Hmmm I don't remember. Well, one things for sure, we didn't go to church. I'm kind of tired of all the sick people going to church and spreading their germs. It's kind of rude and so today we boycotted. Hazel has been sick for practically the entire year and it's just plane sad! 

Saturday we played around the house, I think Hazel is starting to understand that playing by herself isn't all that bad. I've caught her a few times in her room reading her favorite spot book. And I've also caught her standing by the tv dancing to her music -she looooves music. She sure is growing up! 
Saturday for lunch we hung out with. We visited him at school and Hazel really loved it. Her favorite part was probably walking around Brand's study room visiting everyone and eating at the same time. I mean, what's more fun than that?! 

Today we hung out around the house and went on a walk/picnic in the greenbelt.  We have kind of made it our new Sunday pre-nap tradition and I'm praying that this weather stays below 82. I mean caaamon

So, I thought that if I got Hazel a few more pacifiers, that maybe -just maaaybe- she would sleep better through the night. You know, she would have enough pacifiers that if she woke up she could just turn one way or the other and there they would be. But, such is my luck and it hasn't helped, in fact I feel like it has made things worse. When she is supposed to be sleeping she likes to switch between how ever many pacifiers she has. It's like they taste different or something.  It does make fore a pretty entertaining breakfast though...

Hazel enjoyed opening her own Valentine's Day chocolate, she's really good at opening those foil wrappers, and has practically become a pro at it! She's especially good at opening the Hershey kiss ones, only because they have the pull tab -it makes it quite convenient for her.  And if only you could have seen her face after she finished eating the chocolate.. good grief she was a mess. And then she wanted more! More, more, more. I think she would eat until it was all gone, kind of like the way beagles eat their food. 

Hazel and chocolate equals beagles and kibble. 

Happy Sunday! 


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