Sunday, January 17, 2016

if I'm a sucker for keeping her happy, call me one.

Now that Hazel is on the move she seems to get into everything that I don't want her to get into. Seriously, if I didn't follow her around picking things up, and stop her from making a mess, my house would look like a tornado went though it. Hazel is a tornado. There are times when I'll take some tupperware out of the cupboard and let her play with it, or give her a spatula to play with. You know, I'm not that mean!  So for me it's more about keeping Hazel happy and giving her an opportunity to learn and develop those motor skills.
There are so many things that make Hazel happy you could call it her formula for happiness, she loves her stuffed animal dog, she loves to pull it close and give it cuddles. She loves playing with her toys and dancing to music. Her favorite song to dance to is the itsy bitsy spider and she loves to do all the hand gestures -I'm convinced she could sing it ten times over. 

Hazel learned to walk when she was nine and a half months old and has been a busy girl ever since. She always enjoys pushing her toy stroller around -often times putting her favorite dog in the seat. 
Hazel's formula for happiness is also having a routine, she is a creature of habit and doesn't do well with straying from a schedule. So, when we wake up in the morning we practically head straight for breakfast. I love keeping Hazel healthy, and starting your kids with healthy eating habits is always a good thing. 
Gerber Good Start Instant Formulas are now all Non-GMO which means the ingredients they use in their products don't come from crops that are grown with  genetically engineered seed.  Why are they doing this?! Because it's what so many parents want, and what they look for in an Instant Formula. 


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