Tuesday, December 29, 2015

one year older and wiser too

 top: gifted, cardigan: gifted, jeans: f21, flats: jcpenny (similar), necklace: c/o Choies

My birthday was Sunday and now I am officially 27. It's the absolute weirdest thing, being 27 because I forever will feel 22. You know, I think everyone has an age that they feel like for the rest of their life. For me, it's 22, but that's always subject to change of course.  They also say one year older and wiser, but let's be honest, I am not sure I qualify for this saying. This year I have acquired mom brain as it's called. And it is one hundred percent real, I kid you not.  Have you ever played Sims? Okay, well if you have, mom brain can be described as having your sim go to complete a task and then that task being deleted by you. The sim just stops, dead in his tracks, looking a bit confused. Mom brain. 

With this past year under my belt I can however say that I survived the first year of being a mom. Gosh, it's a tough job, but I wouldn't trade it for the world -and if I'm being honest I would rather be a mom than go to work any day!  Also, I cannot begin to imagine being a single mom -but that's a subject for a later time.  

This past year has been one crazy adventure. When I think about it, I really have learned so much, I mean I have a baby for heaven sake and I've been able to keep her alive! So I guess I've earned some kind of pat on the back. I love this life of mine, and I love all this year has brought me. A few weeks ago I was searching through old pictures from the year. I was looking at pictures of baby Hazel and remembering how small she was. And holy cow was she a cute baby! I mean, she's still cute, but seriously her baby face is the cutest I've ever seen! 

This year has flown by and it kind of has me teary eyed. Christmas flew by -that made me cry, and now we are headed to a new year. Full speed ahead friends, because I really don't have a choice of slowing it down so I really might as well just embrace it all. 




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