Thursday, December 31, 2015

I will never forget my 2015

There is just something about being a first time mom, something about celebrating the life of a new baby.  And that's what my 2015 was about for me. It was a year I will never forget, filled with so much happiness, weak moments, stress, frustration, and in the end, so-much-love. I cannot imagine where I would be if I weren't a mom, let's just say my 2015 would have been much different and I can bet that I would not have enjoyed it as much as I did.

As this year comes to a close I can't help but get teary eyed and nostalgic.  As we were at our traditional Denny's tonight I just kept staring at Hazel -this time last year I remember being there with Brand and thinking into the future. Thinking about how -in a year from then- we would have an almost one year old. And thinking about those thoughts, wondering how my first year of being a mom would go, I don't think I could have given myself any idea of how much I would go through, how much I would love this little bitty girl with all my heart. 

I couldn't help but think back on the year, remembering all the milestones Hazel has met, remembering all the little quirks she has. And thinking about how stinking smart she has become. This girl is seriously my whole world and I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am for her. 

And with 2015 coming to a close I sit here in this reclining chair -probably right where I was last year- and I watch as New York brings in 2016. I think about what my 2016 will bring, what milestones will Hazel accomplish, will her sassy side get even more sassy? Is that possible? HA! 
Also, call me crazy, but Hazel is sleeping in her room -she's been in our room, all year, in the pack n play. And I'm getting anxious. I know I'm going to miss having her sleep in our room, because I like having her so close, I like being able to wake up and see her sleeping peacefully right there by me. But, I know we all need to grow up and what better way to start the new year?  Second, help me get in shape. I'm talking I need to exercise and eat right. What are your go-to leg and bum exercises?

Anyways, from my second favorite spot in the house. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 


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