Sunday, December 06, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

Tis the season for all these wonderful hilarious pictures of kids crying on Santa's lap. I swear, my facebook feed was flooded with Santa pictures on Saturday night, it was seriously my favorite. I was convinced that Hazel would be completely fine with Santa holding her, she's pretty social and doesn't mind being held by other people. But I was very mistaken, she hated him, she cried and reached for me, and when she looked up at him she was just taken back. The funny thing is that it was our friend -who has held her before and she really likes him, but the beard. The beard and the suit guys, it's killer. What is is with babies and men with white beards? It's tear worthy, that's what it is.
Friday I painted Hazel's toe nails. I've forever been worried about how I would do this, and I've been meaning to do it for like ever!  So, I just put her in her highchair, gave her some snacks and painted away. She did so well and I can't believe I actually got it done. The color she picked was gold -girl after my own heart. After I painted her toes I showed her and she wasn't at all phased. It was kind of like, oh-great thanks mom, nbd. 
Hazel played outside with her cousins, and it was her first official time eating sand. It must have been really delicious because she kept going back for more, She really seemed to love the way it felt in her hands, she would pick it up,  throw it, and laugh. She found some sticks and tried to eat those and when it was time to go she wasn't thrilled, but she didn't have a huge melt down so we chalked it up to a good day at the park and enjoyed the time we had. It's nice having cousins your age to play with. Our girl is pretty lucky.

After Hazel woke up from her nap this afternoon she was really cranky. Kind of like a don't-talk-to-me-I'm-mad kind of cranky. She was kicking, throwing her head back, and just all around beng fussy. Later in the night my mom realized that there were four top teeth coming in. FOUR. Poor girl. I'm sure glad we don't remember getting teeth, what a real pain it must be.
Tonight when we got home from our Christmas party Hazel was walking all over the place yelling into her toy, and I just sat there watching her. Seeing how big she was, realizing that she is growing up and that next month, next month, she is going to be turning one. I cannot believe it's been almost a year since I first met this little girl. And I really can't believe I've been a mom for such a long time. It just seems like it's gone by in the blink of an eye.

Happy Monday eve. and Merry Christmas! 

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