Sunday, November 01, 2015

DESITIN: the best treatment for diaper rash

Diaper rash is practically inevitable. Sooner or later your precious baby will get it, and there is really only one way to treat it, DESITIN diaper rash cream.  Even back when I was twelve and first started baby sitting DESITIN cream is the only thing I've ever used. It works wonders, it is rapid relief and has a maximum relief option. DESITIN works as a rapid relief cream and protects the irritated area from further irritation. Luckily for me little Hazel hasn't had a huge issue with diaper rash, but maybe that's because I like to be proactive. If I see her skin start to get a little pink I apply a little bit of  DESITIN to the irritated area and it works like magic. 

DESITIN cream also comes in smaller sizes that are perfect to put in your diaper bag -because as we know, diaper rash waits for no one. I keep DESITIN in my diaper bag, Hazel's bedroom, and in the bathroom where we give her a tub, it's a must need item for every place where we change her, (it doubles as a distraction piece too!)

Like I say it's always best to be prepared! Visit Target Cartwheel and claim your DESITIN cream coupon today!


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