Tuesday, October 27, 2015


top: Old Navy, pants: (similar), flats: JCPenny (similar), watch: (similar)

Watching: Literally, right now I'm watching the news, but in general I've been watching dwts and the voice! Yay for reality tv -of which I am a sucker for. 

Crocheting: Trying to work on a blanket I started at the beginning of the year, or was that last year?

Anticipating: Halloween. I'm excited for our costumes, really excited. Maybe it's because we have another participant, but it's going to be great! 

Listening to: the noisy monitor. I swear, even if Hazel isn't making a peep the monitor goes off.

Thinking about: How my brain had become mush lately, I used to be really good at writing, and now my brain is just mush. I blame it on being a mom and having other distractions. 

Feeling thankful: For my girl. She is my world. 

Wanting: A sewing machine, a nice one. I sewed Hazel's Halloween costume and now I'm on a sewing kick, but let me be real I just neeeeeed this sewing machine first.

Enjoying:  Too much junk food. I swear it's all gone to my hips and I'm really regretting it! 

Wondering: When Brand is coming home.

Smelling: A clean house, I actually mopped, seriously mark the calendar. 

Wearing: pjs!!! don't worry, I'm writing this at 947 pm (; 

Following: The leader., the leader... the leader. 

Feeling: Happy. Today was a good day.

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  1. LOVE your watch! So many people shy away from gold but I think it's beautiful!

  2. I sewed my little guy a costume too- and I'm with you, now I want a fancy machine!



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