Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

I love my girl. This sunday she wore another dress that was mine, and she also wore the bonnet. She was the most popular girl and even the little kids were ohh-ing and awww-ing at her. Brand put the bonnet on to be funny because he didn't think she would keep it on, but she kept it on the entire time, not once did she tug at it. I guess she needs a bonnet instead of a headband?

Friday was Brand's school Halloween party, and we were legit. Popeye Olive Oyl Sweet Pea. When it was just me holding Hazel no one recognized us, maybe it was the black hair. haha! I couldn't get over the fact that Hazel just kept laughing at me when I had my wig on. She is the funniest girl and really got a kick out of the whole thing. I was able to make all of Hazel's costume, but wasn't about to attempt to make mine and Brand's.

Last week we had practically perfect weather -not so much this weekend but we are hopeful that it will all cool down soon! I love the cool weather, I love being outside in it and I love being able to open the windows and smell the nice cool air! Bring on Fall -I know everyone else is laughing at me because you are all stomping in the leaves already!
Hazel had her 9 month doctor appointment Friday and I think she knew what was coming to her.  But, with a few crocodile tears and a few pokes we were out in a flash!  Being the cool mom that I am I picked her up a sucker on the way out, but apparently I picked the wrong flavor because she was not a fan. I love this growing girl and I love when we have Brand home to play with us! 


  1. Awwww... you guys look so adorable in your Halloween costumes!

  2. Awwww... you guys look so adorable in your Halloween costumes!



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