Tuesday, June 23, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

So this weekend officially marks the beginning of summer for us. Brand took his boards exam on Thursday and now he's a free man. In thinking about it, this is the last free summer of his life -dramatic I know, but really. Next summer he will be in the clinic... and the summer after that, and then hopefully he will have a job lined up and it's all grown up adult business from there. It's been fun and nice having him home, it gives me someone else to talk to and we all seem to be more happy and less stressed. Isn't life wonderful?

Thursday to celebrate we went to dinner with our friends, the ones who kept up going through the first year of dental school. Without them I don't think I would have survived being home alone, all those girls nights were especially my favorite -thank you reality tv for giving us an exception to have these fun nights, dancing with the stars anyone?!  I'm seriously so grateful for these girls and for the guys at that matter, they helped keep Brand sane. 

Thursday was also Hazel's first time sitting in a highchair. She loved it, she absolutely loved it. I especially loved it because we were outside roasting and she didn't have to sit in a hot car seat! This growing up thing is growing on me-but that doesn't mean I 100% agree with it. 

Saturday was my new SIL's bridal shower -one more month and my brother is a married man! It sounds so strange to say, but I'm so excited for him, seriously so excited! Hazel woke up from her nap in a very happy mood-she still prefers naps when I hold her, I haven't yet found a way to keep her in her crib for more than forty-five minutes. Anyways, she was super happy when she woke up from her nap and really loved standing in her exersaucer-I mean look at that face! 
Sunday was probably my favorite -Brand's first Father's Day! I love this picture of these two, I swear they have the exact same smile here. The dress Hazel is wearing was mine when I was little, I love that my mom saved all these dresses for my girl! On Father's Day we went to church and then spent the afternoon and evening with family. Hazel and I made Brand a t-shirt that says "My daughter thinks I'm awesome!" It's pretty cool. And I made Hazel a shirt that says "I (heart) daddy!" You could say I'm quite the shirt creator. 


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