Monday, May 11, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

Oh it was a beautiful weekend in Arizona, friday we had the most amazing weather -like keep your doors and windows open kind of weather. It was especially nice because that meant Hazel and I got to go on a walk. This girl loves being outside, she loves seeing all the plants and animals, hearing all the new noises, it's seriously the best seeing  her discover new things. ^^ she is staring at a palm tree  and listening to it rustle in the wind, she would get all kinds of excited and wiggle her cute little body and kick those legs, we call it dancing.

Hazel has been talking a lot this week -baby talking of course. Her sweet girly voice is our favorite thing to listen to -like make you want five million babies kind of cute. She's starting to like when we sing to her, sometimes when I'm singing she'll start laughing at me - I don't know wither she is laughing because my singing is that bad, or if she just really likes the song.  I'm hoping it's the latter.

Saturday Brand's sister graduated from school, it was fun going to her graduation and celebrating her. She is such a smart cookie and has done so well in everything she has done.  Let's also talk about how she is getting married in less than two weeks! I cannot believe it, time is just flying so fast.  I'm sure going to miss her when she moves away.  -But, let's not discuss this now.

So, we went to her graduation -which had cake- and then we went to lunch -which was yummy.  Saturday night we had dinner with friends -Hazel's first time at Lo Lo's.  We later remembered and discussed that the last time we were there was before Hazel was born, which seems like forever and not so long ago.

Sunday was Mother's Day -more about this day later.  I was mostly looking forward to talking to my brother! My brother is serving a mission and we only get to talk to him through skype or on the phone on Mother's Day and Christmas. I was so very excited for Hazel to meet him for the first time, it was fun to see her watch him on the screen -of course she doesn't know what's going on really but I still loved it.  We talked and talked, he looks and sounds great, I love seeing him so happy. There's just something so wonderful about seeing and hearing him, I just love my missionary brother!

Happy Monday!

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