Tuesday, March 31, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

I feel like a failure at these weekend posts, because it's not just about my weekend especially when my week feels like the whole weekend. Have I told you yet that I absolutely love being a mom? Well, there it is again, just in case I hadn't said it enough. I do love, love it. the thick and thin, from the mountain of laundry that I still need to fold, to the poop covered pajamas I have sitting waiting to be cleaned. Things seems to have a less of a priority now-a-days. 

Hazel got her shots last week (Monday) and she absolutely hated it. She screamed, not a baby scream it was a real little girl scream. I couldn't believe the lungs on this girl. I think that she realized she has a voice because all week shes has been much more vocal. Monday afternoon we snuggled and she slept the rest of the day... and night, and only woke up to eat. Monday night she got a fever, 100.8 of course I was a little worried -first parent syndrome- we gave her some baby Tylenol and her fever dropped. Tuesday was much the same, more snuggling and sleeping. Needless to say we got nothing accomplished. Who cares. 
We went on our first date night since sweet little Hazel was born. And we sat in an actual resturant instead of getting takeout and eating it in the car -we did that for a while this whole rsv thing.  It was so much fun. We loved it, and lets just say if Hazel acts like this every time we go out to eat then who needs a baby sitter?! Haha, I know, I know, it doesn't last long. We had fun though, I pretty sure we mostly talked about Hazel, it's difficult not to though really. Also, pancakes are not the same when they don't have chocolate chips in them... 

Sunday Hazel stayed at church for the whole three hours and this is her face after.  It's difficult to get a clear picture when she has all her limbs flailing. She is such a happy little baby, we couldn't have asked for anything better.And yes, for the record I held her the entire time, except for maybe 10 minutes when Brand held her. I love this girl and cannot get enough of her smile. 

This week she started laughing at us. It's seriously the best. She has the cutest giggle and the smile that comes with it is like a flirty kind of thing. She makes girly high pitched noises and tries so hard to say things. She's getting so very long and has legs for days! 

How was your weekend?!


  1. Your baby is adorable! I had a great weekend....waiting for the warmer temps to come back! Your blog is lovely!
    BEst to you!



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