Monday, March 02, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

It sure seems like it's difficult to take a picture of a moving little lady, I never knew pictures could be so blurry.

So, last week Brand had finals, and of course he rocked them... I didn't expect anything less! He is the smartest and if one thing is for sure I hope little Hazel shares these same smarts!  So, this week we have Brand all to ourselves. How lucky are we?!  

The weekend was nice, Hazel doesn't like taking naps unless she is being held. I'm not just being silly, I'm completely serious. I rock her to sleep and then set her down she wakes right up and won't go back to sleep -unless I hold her. I really don't mind holding her all the time, because I know one day she wont want to be held and these times are already flying by so I'm really trying to enjoy them! 

But this weekend with extra hands -and right now, I'm actually blogging- It's nice to have a helper. 
 Our weekends really consist of hanging out for the time being. I'm still paranoid about all these germs -rsv, influenza, you know- and I'm not ready for my little Hazel to be sick.  So we've had lazy weekends at home, driving around in the car with dad is the most action we really see. But, it's all for the good. 
Happy Monday!


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  1. I remember those days being paranoid about every germ. I remember when my oldest was learning how to crawl and started to crawl off the blanket I laid out on the floor for him, I grabbed a giant king comforter from the closet and spread it out on the living room floor and then washed that thing every single day! My oldest also loved being held while he slept. A moby wrap is great for that!



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