Thursday, February 12, 2015

three weeks old

bow: the striped arrow, socks: me

Welp, week three since this little lady was born and again I say how quick time is going by. Maybe all of us moms should get together and try and freeze time, it might just work if we all try really hard. 

This week Hazel has started holding her head up so much more, she likes to move her head so much - she did in the first two weeks also, but she is getting so much stronger. 

I don't know if my hair is just getting in the way more or what, but she loves to hold onto my hair.  It could be a sign that I need a hair cut or it could be that she just likes to hold onto things. 

Earlier this week I was feeding Hazel and she started feeling her head with her hand, she seems like she is sure getting used to this cute little body she has. 

Some nights Hazel doesn't sleep very good, and earlier this week I found out that she really likes to sleep on her side. She doesn't seem to fuss as much when she is laying like this, so we are crossing our fingers that we've made a break through in sleeping time! 

Each week I think about how much I love this little girl and I think about how I thought I loved her so much the week before, but boy, my love for her grows even more each week. 


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