Monday, February 09, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

I'm definitely getting my days mixed up, I just thought this was our first weekend home from the hospital. Boy am I wrong -second, it's the second weekend we've been home. Sunday was the first day Brand had been home with me the whole day since the weened after Hazel was born, and boy did I thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.  I could totally use another day with Brand here.

This weekend we ventured outside for the first time in two weeks -I'm such a paranoid parent still no public places though.  We went to Brand's school and had a picnic and then yesterday we went on a walk around the neighborhood, found some shade and had a picnic too! Hazel sure seemed to be confused with the fresh air at first -there was a bit of a breeze, but once we put her blanket around her and held her close she was all about it -this girl loves to be snuggled. We sat around and enjoyed the cool weather -in the shade that is- had some snacks and played a little Andrea Bocelli - Hazel really seems to like music, especially these classical sorts of singers. 
I can't stop taking pictures of this girl, of her cute outfits, of her silly faces, she sure has me wrapped around her finger! I also can't stop staring at her, I don't want to miss any of her moments!

Man I sure needed this weekend, sometimes I wish every day of the week could be Sunday., It all just seems more fun with him around. Good thing his break is coming up soon!


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