Monday, January 05, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend.

 38 weeks

So this weekend I gained another SIL, Brand's brother got married! They were the cutest couple, and her dress was absolutely amazing!  It was a fun day to celebrate them and be with family. They got married in the Phoenix Temple, and this little girl was all excited to be able to be there for it. She was wiggling around in my belly and going all kinds of crazy -silly little girl she is. The luncheon was super cute and vintage, and I couldn't stop taking pictures of it. The reception was super fun and I think my favorite part was watching the little nieces and nephews dance, boy were they cutting a rug. Sometimes I wonder where they learn these awesome dance moves. 
Saturday my contractions were something else, I could have sworn that she was going to make her big debut, but it seems as thought she is comfortable  right where she is, which is fine because Brand has two tests and a presentation this week. If we were honest, Friday afternoon would be a perfect time to have a baby -here that little one... friday afternoon. 
I'm finally finishing up her laundry. Boy this girl has the most clothes I've ever seen, shes's got more of everything than I do. She wont be naked even for a minute the whole first year of her life. For real. 
The weekend was great, and now I'm ready to get things done this week to prepare for this little person's arrival. 

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  1. That center piece with the pearls is to die for! Such a clever way to add in a classy thing like pearls!

    tattered to taylored



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