Friday, December 12, 2014

 Oh, I love one stop shops, and when they are online they're even better. I recently found, an e-marketplace that offers its customers with a wide variety of products with competitive prices. has a numerous selection of products from cell phones, to tiaras, to board games, to camping tents. You’re sure to find any item you’re looking for.

I’ve been in the need of finding a good cellphone case, I’ve had mine for two years and it is getting all nasty –literally, the white part is turning yellow and the sides are wearing off.  So, I took to and looked for a phone case that I knew I could trust. Because, what's worse than dropping your phone? Dropping your phone and having your screen shatter, seriously that's the pits. So many other phone cases don't do much for protection, all they really do is look cute, sure I'm all about things looking cute, but can't we have both?! Yes, yes you can. 

I’ve been looking to get an otterbox, but they've always been so darn expensive. When I searched for an otterbox on I was happily surprised to see the price, so much less expensive than what I’ve been finding everywhere else. is great when you are looking to spend less money, the only thing I recommend when purchasing an item is to make sure you have plenty of time for it to ship. I was very happy when my otterbox phone case came in the mail, it has been such a nice, strong case that protects my phone and makes me less nervous about accidentaly dropping it on the floor
 This post was sponsored by, but all the review is my own. 


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