Tuesday, December 23, 2014

let's talk lamaze

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34 weeks

So, for the past few weeks Brand and I have been going to lamaze class. Before, I always thought lamaze class was a group of couples sitting on the ground going over awkward breathing techniques and birthing positions. Thank goodness I was wrong. 

So, in school I never really took science classes, I might have taken one but only because I had to.  So all this medical information is so incredibly new to me and I had no idea what all these ladies were talking about when they reference effacement and dilation, and all these other medical terms. The very first class we went to I learned more than I ever thought possible. And guess what? We watched an actual birth, showing allllll the parts -if you know what I mean. It really brought the awkward out of me... and really everyone in the class. 

We learned about what your body does post pregnancy, and allll the lovely things that go with it. Let's just say that if you don't know what goes on you'll want to take a class or talk to a friend you are really open with. 

The other night was our last lamaze class. We toured the hospital, saw all the places we would be, it was pretty surreal walking through labor and delivery. Thinking about how in a month or just less we would be in that same hospital getting ready to meet our baby girl. Such a weird feeling and thought, I don't think I'll believe it until it's here. 

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