Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I feel like Lucy would be proud

dress: eShakti, shoes: tjmaxx, pearls: gifted, watch: gifted

I'm pretty sure that Lucy would wear this dress. 
Hers might be a bit longer-perhaps a navy blue polka dot. 
Her heels would be shorter, and of course her hair would be up in curls.
But, if there is one exact thing that we have in common, it's the pearls, Lucy and her pearls. 

The moment I put on this dress I knew I would love it, the simple, but wonderful, polka dot pattern. 
The fact that you can pare it with, really, anything.  
And I especially love that when you pair it with a set of pearls and nude heels it's practically perfect. 

If there's one thing I love about eShakti it's the dresses and skirts. 
Back in December I purchased this skirt and I've loved it ever since. 
One of the best things about buying form eShakti is that they let you customize just about everything. 
One of my favorite things is that they all come with pockets! 
When have you NOT wanted pockets on your dress or skirt?! 

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  1. I think you look wonderful in this dress. Looks great that you are wore simple accessories to make the dress pop!

  2. I love you in this dress! It looks amazing with your red hair!! Love this look girl!


  3. I love love love this dress!! You look gorgeous!

  4. Also Elijah looked over and said, "That's Alyssa!!" :)

  5. So cute!! It looks amazing on you!

  6. I absolutely LOVE this dress - it looks so cute on you!

  7. This looks so cute! Definitely a date-night outfit.

  8. I love those shoes! I always have the crazy colored heels (like sparkly silver and red), so I love those nude ones! That dress looks fantastic on you too!

  9. This dress is so fun! It's so great for summer. It looks great on you, as well! Yes, Lucy would love it. I think in green to go with her red hair!

  10. Wow such a cute dress and such a flattering shape too!

  11. I need to get my hands on an eShakti dress! Love the cut and pattern!

  12. That is a beautiful dress I want one and you look great x

  13. Lucy would totally be proud. Darling. Let's hang out sometime!?

  14. You always pull off these adorable dresses! I love this one so much!

  15. I adore your dress! It looks so comfortable, stylish, and I love the polka dots and the fact it is orange
    from the link up, jess
    please stop by

  16. The sweetest dress ever! Lovely,
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  17. I keep hearing about eShakti, we don't have them over here in UK. I love the style and design of your dress. Really eye catching!



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