Monday, June 23, 2014

a condensed version of my weekend

This-just might in fact mark the last weekend we spend in an apartment. And I am completely thrilled about it! Crossing our fingers that we get the keys to the house this week and get to move ourselves in!  In reality I just want to get this whole move over with. I don't like the packing, the unpacking, the cleaning up of each place before you move in and after you move everything out. It can be a draining process. And for living in Arizona we couldn't have picked a more hot time to move. But, that's just the way it all works out-isn't it.
This weekend Brand and I volunteered at ahs at an off site location and got to hold puppies all day. It's one of my most favorite parts about volunteering at an animal shelter-there are puppies galore! (In general though, that's not really a good thing, that there are puppies galore.)  But, really I guess it's not just the puppies, it's the senior citizen dogs that just can't catch a break and end up at the shelter, or ones that are just "too active" and their previous home didn't realize that they would have to actually spend time with their pet. Sad stories I tell ya. 
So we volunteered for alllllmost seven hours on Saturday-standing up on our feet holding pets in the warm air. We were pooped when it was all over. And we spent the rest of the night watching World War Z-an end of the world movie that I actually like. 
We also had a costco date earlier in the week. We borrowed my mom's card to get a berry smoothie-the most delicious thing, and we walked around like we owned the place-well, not really. They had some samples out and Brand went around trying them, there weren't any treat samples so I was a bit disappointed, maybe next time. 
Sunday was filled with church and family-as it always is and that's just how I like it. We wrote my brother-2 weeks down! And I'm anxiously awaiting his letter on Wednesday! I love hearing from my missionary! 



  1. Costco dates really are the best! I can't wait to hear all about your new place!!!



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