Monday, April 14, 2014

last week in pictures

It might just take a few hours to get through this post.  I just discovered mean girls on netflix... 

Holy cow this week flew by. Today I officially have 17 days left till I'm done with school.  I also got my certificate for the Dean's List, this time asu was too cheep to send them out in the mail and we had to go pick them up ourselves. You raise my tuition but you can't send me a letter in the mail? Yeah. 

This week was super hot in Arizona, I walk to the shuttle in the mornings and worked up a sweat just walking. Kinda ridiculous. Thankfully this weekend was a bit less hot and we had some nice breezes. 

Saturday night Brand and I went out for frozen yogurt and of course met up with Brittany. I've gotten to know Brittany better within the past few months, and I must tell you she is awesome! If you don't know Brittany you must get to know her. She is as sweet as they come and is such a positive person! Oh, annnnnd she's a blogger, even better! 
On my Friday off I made some more animals and also had a little photo shoot session in my apartment.  If there's one thing that's true it's that if you don't have kids to take pictures of you find some thing else... a different kind of creation. And such is my life.

Annnnd of course, my week is not complete without a little bit of pets on parade. I cannot tell you how much fun it is to volunteer with homeless pets and find them homes. Seriously the best place I've volunteered. It's another kind of therapy, trust me.

With the weather getting warm it's allergy season also known as spring. There's yellow pollen all in the air and it really has some people feeling under-the-weather.  But, it makes for good pictures so that's all I care about.

I think that's all that really happened last week.. I mean, there was going to my internship and going to school, but those aren't as fun to talk about.

Happy Monday Night!




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