Tuesday, February 18, 2014

and I know how chapter six begins

Last week Brand had an interview for the Dental program at Midwestern. 
It's the day we've been waiting for, for the past three years.

Those past three years we've been stressing and putting so much time and effort into applying to Dental school. 
There were so many times when that big dark storm cloud hung over our heads, it just seemed to feel like there was something we were doing wrong. 
When others were getting into school and we weren't it made it even worse. 

Brand has worked so hard for the past five years, he's done well in school and was such a hard worker in the corporate America world. 

Yesterday I was in the bedroom doing laundry and watching teen mom. 
It's my Thursday night routine. 
Brand called me up and told me that we had a change of plans for Valentine's Day because he had a lab that he needed to be at between 5 and 8. 
I was frustrated because I thought I was going to get a nice Valentine's date night-selfish me I know. 
Anyways, he comes home and I'm in the room still doing laundry and watching teen mom when he comes over to me and says
"I got into Dental school."
My reaction wasn't what it should have been and it was quite a bit like our engagement.
I didn't believe him, and I told him that. 

Just earlier in the week we were talking about the what if's. 
What if we didn't get in, what would we do?
What if we did get in, what would we do?
So many things run through your mind when things like this change your life. 
And for me, I totally thought he was joking about the whole thing. 

And he told me again. 
"I got into Dental school!"
I think I'm still in shock with the whole thing. 

It's so relieving, to finally have a place to go, to know what our future is going to hold. 
One of the best feelings ever. 

We have been so blessed with this awesome news. 
And it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. 

\I'm so grateful for Brand, for everything he has done for us.
f you're stuck in the same situation we were, I know how you feel. 
It comes to an end sooner or later, even though it may feel like an eternity.



  1. YAY!!!! Oh I am so excited for you!! :) Brady will be going to medical school in a couple of years and I'm already feeling anxious and stressed out about it. I'm so happy for you two!!

  2. Girl! I had no idea your hubs was in the applying stage of dental school. I know exactly what that feels like...It took my hubs a couple tries to get in. Dental school is so competitive nowadays. Lucky you to find out so soon after his interview! And lucky that you don't really have to move away. We moved to AZ from Kansas City 4 years ago...I can't believe how fast school went. Your time will fly. It will be such a fun time in your life. We'll always cherish these years.

  3. I just stumbled across your blog, but this is great news! Congrats!

  4. Yay!!! Congratulations to the hubby!!!!!!! :-D

  5. I'm so so so SO excited for you guys!!!! I couldn't be happier! You deserve all the happiness in the world for all of your amazing hard work and determination! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :)



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