Saturday, September 21, 2013

the most pictures from a coffee place that you will ever want to see

As I sit here and enjoy my double chocolate-y chip frap I start to understand why they say self care is so important. 

I can't tell you the last time I did something for myself, well I volunteer and that's always a blast; but I'm talking something literally just for me. So lets mark the calendar for today. 

I'm so burnt out.  
I'm done with school and seriously done with being the "new girl".  Because when you're the "new girl" you don't know anything, you have never worked, and you need to learn how to do the tedious things (aka the things no one wants to do).
to this I say "really?!"

Being burnt out isn't fun at all... Obviously. 
I mean just last week I started a count down until the semester ends.
76 days. 

These past few weeks I haven't really been caring about my self.  I've just been going with the motions... no emotion included.  And if there was an emotion it was something negative. You know the feeling I'm sure. 

But I sit here and type this and I think, oh this chocolate-y chip frap is so delicious. And at this point I'm not caring if it adds an extra pound to my hips. (this is a big deal.) And why is it when you are in these kinds of moments that you feel the worst?  It's satan I'm telling ya! (And no, I'm not giving him the satisfaction of having his first name capitalized because he's mean! 



  1. I totally understand what you mean! it really is so so important to take time for yourself and treat yourself. So glad you were able to do that today :)

  2. I love that you didnt capitalize satan. haha. You're the best :) And you deserve to treat yourself! Praying for a less stressful rest of the semester! :)

  3. Starbucks and blogging, sounds like the PERFECT way to de-stress and give yourself some much needed self-care.



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