Tuesday, July 09, 2013

we like cheap date nights because it saves us money

Our first stop on our Friday date night was Central park... not thee Central Park, but the park that is on Central.  And really, this park has nothing on Central Park.  Last year when we were driving around downtown we drove by this park. In my whole 24 years of living in the Valley of The Sun I'm pretty sure I've never seen the part before, so obviously it was something we needed to checkout.  It took us almost a year to visit it, and even then it wasn't on purpose.  It was one of those, "what do you want to do tonight" type Fridays and somehow it sparked my mind.

The visit was well worth it and I don't think I've ever seen so many green plants in Phoenix, it was a wonderful surprise.  Usually in Phoenix everything is brown and dead because the summer's heat had dried it up, so we were pleasantly surprised when we found so much green.  The whole thing really made me wish I had brought my picnic blanket and book so we could just kickback and relax on the luscious grass.

And to note, the flags you see pictured are at half mast for the 19 firefighters that passed away in the Yarnell, Arizona fire.  It's such a sad story, one that you think and wish was just a dream.  My heart is full when tragic events like this happen, all I can say is thank you to them and to their families for the sacrifice they have made.
After our short escapade at the park on central we enjoyed a night at the science center.  Brand and I have been there a hand full of times in the past four and a half years we've been married, and it's fun to visit especially when we don't have anything planned.... and it's free. Our most favorite part of the science center is the weather room.  In the middle of the room they have a stage where a big group of people stand and are toured through different types of weather, it rains, winds blow, there is thunder and heat.  It's a pretty fun exhibit. 

And from there we headed home.  Oh, the joys of not having kids and it being just-the-two-of-us. We will enjoy it while it lasts -not an announcement...

Happy Monday Friends! 



  1. Beautiful photos!! And thanks for the idea!! I just recently got married and I am trying to think of things we could go and do instead of always staying at our apartment!! Looks like you had fun!

  2. You science center is free? My cost 17 for each person! You are lucky. I would go the science center more often if my was free.

  3. Glad you posted about this! We'll have to check this out.

  4. What a fun date night! I love finding cheap/free things to do with my hubby too!

  5. fun date night! and that is so sad about the firefighters.



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