Friday, May 03, 2013

my week in pictures

Oh hello Friday! 
We meet again, I am especially glad to see you this week. 
You see, I'm done with school for this semester and am officially a Senior in College. 
Oh it's pure bliss! It really is. 

^^ I said adieu to asu on Tuesday with a fun office quote that goes something like this: 
"peace out asu, catch you on the flippity-flip!" 
^^ A few weeks ago Brand and I went to Cafe Zupas, it was delicious and ever since I've been dying to make Wisconsin Cauliflower soup.... yes, dying.  
 ^^ Brand and I were in the local newspaper for National Volunteer week! Where do you volunteer?!

^^ Took this fun picture of Pappas school and a part of downtown phoenix. I wish I could have gotten a better shot, but I still think the picture says a thousand words. 

Happy Friday Friends!! I hope you have a great weekend!! 



  1. I want to start volunteering at a local pet food pantry. Excited!

  2. omg the kitten and puppy are so cuteee! I want to start volunteering at a shelter too.

    new follower from monday mingling :)



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