Thursday, April 18, 2013

awkward and awesome

chambray: f21, skirt: mom, belt: thrifted, shoes: ross, necklace: nana, earrings: the limited (now avail. in gold)

- Hearing my upstairs neighbor pee. I swear, it was the longest pee ever too. Oh, I also heard the toilet lid slam and then I heard a flush...
- Petting a sweet puppy and realizing my "Relief Society" arms are in full swing. (this means my arms are flabby) Yeah, someone needs to start working out her arms. 
- A rather large butt crack sneaking out of the trousers in the front of the classroom. It's only widely seen because the person is getting up oh-so-slowly. I'm pretty sure I heard some snickers from the back of the class regarding this peep show. 
- My phone going off in the middle of class and it's a recording of me talking. Of course I leave the room and pretend like it was someone calling me. 
- Dad: So, Ty got into M.I.T. (he didn't really)
Me: Yeah! That's awesome because I heard mechanics make over 50$ an hour!!
Dad: EDITH!! - he calls me this when I say something a "Blonde" would say. 
So obviously I thought M.I.T. was a mechanic school... maybe you had to be there, but I still haven't lived it down. 

- 4 year old says "When I was a kid I use to think...." Really? So, what are you now?! 
- Same 4 year old talking to his sister saying "Do you remember when we talked about not lying?!" -- and it sounded just the way my mom would say it... I wonder where he learned that. 
- New nieces. Well, one new niece. It's just so great to be able to hold something so fresh from heaven. Such a miracle. 
- Flowers sprouting on the ground throughout the mountain. If people didn't walk on the mountain I think it would turn into one big flower. 
- Laughter that never ends, you know, the kind that if you laughed any harder you might wet your pants. Or how about the laughter where you feel like you can't breathe. Yeah... feels good. 

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  1. I LOVE laughter that never ends...


    XO Lourdes

  2. The 4 year old saying "when I was a kid" was my favorite! SO funny!

  3. Awww... I love the little kids. :-) How precious. :-)

  4. That's hilarious you actually heard your neighbor pee. Awkward for sure!

    You crack me up! So glad I found your blog!




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