Wednesday, February 13, 2013

that one time I was on tv

Ever since I was a little girl I've had a thing for animals. 
When I was three my mom and dad got me a dog for my birthday.
And for 15 years Mandy and I were inseparable. 

On my 16th birthday my nana and I went down to the Arizona Humane Society "just to look" at the animals. 
(I think I get my thing for animals from my nana.)
Long story short we ended up bring a sweet puppy home with us.

As long as I can remember Saturday mornings have been my favorite. 
This is especially true between the ages of 8-18.
First, it meant that I didn't have to go to school.
Second Pets on Parade would be on.
and third through one hundred, again, I didn't have to go to school. 
But, I really loved watching pets on parade.
I loved seeing the sweet animals on tv. 
And ever since then I've had this itching to be on Pets on Parade. 
Silly school girl dream? Sure.

Well last October Brand and I started volunteering at the Arizona Humane Society
We do dog adoptions and also walk the dogs. 
I got talking to some of the other volunteers about Pets on Parade. 
I told them how I've always wanted to be on it. 
That it was some silly girl dream that I had. 
Another long story short. 
I got in contact with one of the coordinators, she confirmed that I could in fact be on the show
and the rest is history. 

Last week was my first debut and I must say it was pretty fun! 
I didn't say one peep, but just take a look at the cute puppies I got to hold! 
I'm on again this Saturday so if you missed it last week you can tune in this time! 
Channel 3 at 12:30!

Oh, did I tell you this show has been around for 50+ years?!

  making doggie treats, that puppy sure liked them! 
Here is a six second clip of sweet Jagger licking my face!
Happy Wednesday friends!



  1. That's so cool that you got to be on it. I've never heard of it before. I too have a love for animals that can't be stopped. That's cool that you volunteer at the humane society. I shoul do that!

  2. We will need your autograph soon! How awesome is this and you get to play with puppies!



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