Friday, February 15, 2013

my week in pictures

Is it really 2 o'clock on Friday? This week went buy super fast, as I thought it would and I still have lots of homework to finish! But instead, I've been surfing the internet for the past hour... looks like we know where my priorities stand! 

 On set yesterday with Pets on Parade, I'm not on tv this week but it sure was fun to help with the animals in the background!
 I'm addicted, I completed another baby blanket this week! You like my trusty crochet hook? It's getting worn out! 
 the only Valentine's decor we have and a lovely secret cupid gave it to us! Thanks secret cupid!
 V-day dinner with this handsome guy last night, we are low key folk.
Walking to school this week I thought I was going to freeze, there was ice all over the cars and it looked like it had snowed on the grass.  But, this arizona girl likes the cold! 

Happy Friday! 



  1. Looks like a fun, low key week! those are my favorites too!!!

  2. Cute pictures! I love that baby blanket and V-day decorations!
    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  3. Teach me how to do that hear decoration!! You know how bad I am at crafting, that looks complex to me, although I'm sure it's not!!

    Happy Vday to you two :) You make a beautiful couple!!




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