Wednesday, November 14, 2012

our story: the engagement

It was August of 2008 and Brand and I had been dating for almost a year.  (At this point in time his nick-name was Brando, so lets call him that.)  We knew we were going to get married, and we kind of even picked the date.  Brando liked to go hiking at night because you could see the city lights from way up-top and it was almost like you could see further out too.  So on our second mountain climb excursion was when it all took place.

Now, let me say something first, there were many instances that Brando "proposed" to me as a joke because people would say "When are you guys getting married?" or "Where's the ring?". These questions would entice him say "Well, actually..." as he was getting down on one knee to fake propose to me. It's safe to say that he "proposed" to me a lot, and if he was proposing for reals I would never be able to tell.. especially at night.

So, we are hiking up the mountain and we are hiking for what seems like forever, my hands are freezing and starting to get numb from the wind chill and I say:
"Okay, are we there yet?  Last time felt like it was so much faster to get to the top!"
Brando: Well, we are almost there.

So we finally get to the top of the mountain and sit down on the rocks and look at the beautiful city lights.  Brando decides that we need to find a good flat rock for us to sit on. We find a good rock and take a seat, we get to talking for a while and out of the blue he says "Lyssa, will you marry me?"  Me, thinking this was just another one of his pranks says "Shut-up, you don't even have a ring!!"  I turn to look at him and low-and-behold there is a ring in his cold nervous hands.  And of course, I said yes.

Apparently the whole hike up the mountain he was so nervous to propose and nervous that he was going to loose the ring on the hike.  I am definitely so grateful this man, for his courage, strength and hard work.

Next up: our story: the wedding day.


  1. how sweet is that! what a great story to have. I'm excited to hear the rest! :)

  2. What a sweet story! I am a new follower from the blog hop. I can't wait to read more!


  3. Aww that was a really sweet story and I can def imagine how he must have been nervous, that would have been impossible to find if he’d have dropped it! Love that fun picture of you two also, so sweet! How long have you been married now?

  4. that's a cute story. Gary would do stuff like that too. He would do all these fake ones, and when he finally proposed I didn't believe him.

    I can't believe you live so close and we have yet to hang out. Super busy lately, but I'm in dire need of craft time.


  5. hahah I love that you told him to shut up! Haha I love proposal stories, yours is adorable! Thanks for sharing!



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