Monday, November 19, 2012

if you were to visit me this morning

If you came to my apartment this morning as soon as you walked through the front door you would see my crochet projects all over the house.
You would see
the pillow that I'm working on (seen in the picture above)
bow ear warmers that need to be mailed
an infinity scarf in the making
and turban ear warmers that are being finished up.

I would tell you that you could have a seat on the couch and offer you a glass of water.

As you sit down you would notice that I'm watching Teen Mom 2.
I would tell you that I'm secretly in love with the show
and that it makes me feel like a normal person.

I would then ask you how your weekend was, if you enjoyed the weather.
And when speaking of the weather we would both be annoyed that it's supposed to be 84 degrees on Thanksgiving Day.

Then we would talk about our Thanksgiving traditions
and if you have anything big planned for Black Friday.
We would talk about all the crazy people who wait in line days before the stores open.
I would confess that I've gone to Black Friday every year,
but that I only do it because I love watching the people
although sometimes there are GREAT deals.
I would tell you that the earliest I've stood in line was last year at Target
when I waited 4 hours. So, it wasn't bad.

Some how blogging would be our next topic of discussion.
(my mind can be random at times)
We would talk about bloggers that we love and
bloggers that we want to become.
We would talk about our blogs and why we started blogging.

We would go on talking about life and the things that make us mad.
Things that make us happy.

We would end our conversation as new best friends.
I would tell you thank you for coming, tell you to have a great week and
insist that you come back soon. 

Come back soon!

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