Thursday, November 01, 2012

awkward and awesome


top: jcrew, jeans: f21, watch: fossil similar, shoes: target, earrings: ElisabethSpace

- Generated passwords.  Every once and a while the password that actually spells something and let me just tell you how awkward I felt when I was given my password. #AWK
- Sitting at school waiting for the kids to get out, we have our windows rolled down because the afternoons here have been heavenly. All of a sudden I hear this loud buzzing noise coming from the window.  I look over and there is a huge wasp inside my car! Long story short I'm standing outside my car looking like a fool until the wasp decides to use his brain and exit the correct way.  If I wasn't a part of the mom club beforeI can't imagine what they are saying about me now!
- An eight year old girl has an iphone... this is awkward because I still have an env3 from 2007.
- Another awkward phone moment: Looking at the Halloween costumes, we find one that says it is does something special so we ask one of the workers.  Worker: You have to scan this bar code with your smart phone, and then you can find out what it does. Me: Well, what if I don't have a smart phone. Worker just walks away.

- Finishing a project really fast when I thought it was going to take forever to finish.
- Almost finishing the rough draft of my research paper because I think it's due in three hours. Come to find out its not due till next week.
- Excited for the State fair on Saturday.
- Realizing that I only have one more full month of school till it's winter break.
- Finding something on clearance that I was looking for, this never happens.
- Finishing my cute wreath for fall!


  1. I am loving this outfit! Kids and their iphones... so crazy. haha

  2. You look beautiful in blue!! Gorgeous outfit, I esp love the shirt!!

  3. Great casual look, love your hair!

  4. I still have an env3! Actually it's been acting up, so I went back to my flip phone from before I got the env3. Just found your blog, btw. You have such a great sense of style! I'd love if you swing by my blog :)

    Kate @ A Journey in Style



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