Thursday, August 16, 2012

my letter to the following

Dear school, I cannot believe I have to see you in less than a week. I'm not ready for you. Please don't be too rough!
Dear eleven year old boy, Thank you for telling me I'm "hot", I really feel that I need your approval... NOT!
Dear sweet little kiddies, Thank you for letting me be your big Sissy, you are all getting so big and I can't believe you twinnies are going to be eight in October.
Dear Brand, Thank you for being so tough this week. I know it can't be fun driving in the AZ weather without AC, you amaze me every day!
Dear missionary brother, You are such a great example. I love seeing pictures of your smiling face and I love knowing you are where you need to be, serving the people in the Dominican Republic. I still miss you though!
Dear Arizona, I'm still so excited to see the fall come. I cannot wait to read outside and play outside, seriously!


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