About Me

Welcome to my blog!

Impractical Composition is a lifestyle blog written by me, Alyssa Dawson.  I'm a mom to a nature loving, doll playing, ever happy little girl named Hazel. And a wife to a future Dentist named Brand. Although becoming a mom took some time for me I can tell you there is no job I've ever loved more. Hazel and I spend our days playing, learning, creating, and baking -some of which you'll find on my instagram.  On the weekends we play with Brand, go model home looking, and eat out till our little hearts are content -for weekend fun see a condensed version of my weekend posts. 

We live in Phoenix Arizona and have lived here all our lives with no intent to move anywhere else. We love the hot summers because they bring the very best winters where you can spend the entire season playing outside.  We love the beautiful Arizona sunsets, and being so close to all our family. 
I graduated from ASU in 2014 with a BSW and Brand started School at Midwestern that same year. 

I've watched Anne of Green Gables over a hundred times and the vhs tapes show it. I can touch my tongue to my nose and I love learning American sign language.  I'm an awkward square when I meet new people and I think I'm funnier than I really am. I'm a fashionista-wanna-be and I try to blog about it.

My favorite moments in life include times with my little family, new places we visit, and laughing till our bellies hurt.

I love life, no matter what comes. 

Go here for more about me. 

for any inquire contact me at alyssadawsonblog@gmail.com


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