Monday, June 19, 2017

What to Pack in Your Medicine Bag

A few weeks back when we were in San Diego Hazel caught a cold, she had a fever and was lethargic. And unfortunately, I forgot our medicine bag at home -oops! So at six o'clock in the morning Brand ran to the nearest Kroger and grabbed Hazel some medicine to kick her fever and get her feeling well again. It would have been so much easier if I hadn't forgotten our medicine bag because we would have had everything we needed to take care of her right then and there. So, if you're looking to learn from someone's mistakes, learn from mine. Don't forget your medicine bag at home. 

I thought I would quickly share with you what was in my beloved medicine bag so you can get a good idea about what to put in yours.

Breathe-eez Portable Nasal Aspirator: Perfect if your baby or toddler has a runny or stuffy nose. It is designed to gently provide immediate relief from your baby's nasal congestion.  Hazel doesn't have a problem using this at all, she actually thinks it's kind of funny -which I was totally shocked by. And it works well to get out the boogers that are causing her such a hard time. It's safe to use and hygienic, you don't suck any of it into your mouth. I also really like it because it comes in this perfect travel size kit. It's easy to clean with hot, soapy water and is BPA free.

Band-Aids: You never know when your toddler is going to fall down or get a cut, always having band-aids available is a must.

Your Child's Preferred Flavor of Medicine: So this is what happened to us, we weren't able to find the correct flavor medicine at the San Diego Kroger and it was kind of a big ordeal. Hazel wouldn't take her medicine and we had to tell her that we had to go home if she didn't take the medicine. Thankfully she ended up taking the medicine.

Carmex and Desitin: Chapped lips and rashes hurt, they tend to happen more when you are on vacation because you are walking around a lot and not drinking as much water as you normally would. Also, long road trips can really be a pain in your toddler's bum -for real- so if you put a little Desitin on your toddler before your long road trip you might save them some pain.

Eczema Lotion: Hazel gets random breakouts of eczema, it's sad because you know it hurts her -especially when she is sitting there scratching it telling you how much it hurts. We always have a trial size bit of this lotion in our bag for the just in case moments.

Thermometer: We invested in a digital thermometer, and I'm glad we did because it's so much easier to use. You don't want to be guessing if your child had a fever, and you especially don't want to under think a fever because those can turn into really bad situations.

For more products and other information visit Nuby on their sites below

I received this product for review, but all opinions and words are my own. 


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Exploring Sea World with a Curious Toddler

It is indeed possible to have fun at SeaWorld with a toddler, and I cannot begin to describe to you how much fun we really had when we were there. Hazel loved every minute and we were pleasantly surprised at how well she was behaving the entire time. There is so much to see and do at SeaWorld, especially for those young minds, and I think that Hazel's mind was trying to soak it all up in one day. If you have kids and are looking to spend some time in California, SeaWorld should be on your list of things to do. 

Our first stop Sesame Street Bay of Play. Last year when we came to SeaWorld Hazel had the best time, but we only rode one ride -because we were on a time crunch- this time she rode all the rides her 32 inch height would allow. Her favorite probably being Elmo's Flying Fish because we went up high in the sky. There are a lot of things for toddlers to do in the Sesame Street Bay of Play, there are rides or course, splash pad, and a big jungle gym for your kids to get their energy out.

Next we went and saw Dolphin Days, dolphins are such beautiful animals, it was fun to see them swim around  and jump out of the water. Isn't amazing what these animals can do?  SeaWorld has many other shows and presentations, some of which have opened up just this summer. 

After that, we split up and big kids headed for the more thrill-seeking rides. If you're not headed to SeaWorld with a toddler, don't worry because there is plenty to do as an adult. You can find all the rides and thrills here

Later we had some lunch and then went to see the new Orca Encounter. We learned a lot of things about Killer Whales that I had never known before, like, did you know that Killer Whales can actually eat Blue Whales even though they are nearly five times their size?! 

They also have little pools for your little one to explore, like Explorer's Reef. Here they have cleaner fish, small sharks, stingrays, and other small creatures you can touch. They also have an Aquaria Touch Pool where you can touch sea stars and sea urchins. Hazel really loved getting to touch the animals and be up close with them. She especially loved the cleaner fish that would kiss her finger.

We always have a blast at SeaWorld, there is so much to see and do, especially if you have a curious toddler. The lines weren't long and the park was filled with so much for us to enjoy.

What is your favorite thing to do at SeaWorld?



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