Friday, April 28, 2017

The Strawberry Inn, Strawberry AZ

Last weekend we packed our bags and headed for the high country, Strawberry, Arizona. Twenty degrees cooler and surrounded by beautiful pine-filled mountains. With summer quickly approaching this new found destination quickly became a new go-to for us.

We stayed at The Strawberry Inn, right in the heart of Strawberry. It was the most perfect little Inn, so quite, and so beautifully decorated. The recently renovated Inn had me feeling like I was sleeping in a model home - It was so clean with no signs of anyone else ever staying there. I'm also convinced that Joanna Gaines herself decorated the place, the shiplap walls, the neutral color scheme, and the simplistic charm all bundled up into a beautiful place to sleep. 

There are quite a few things to do while you are up in the area and they have some of the most delicious restaurants, some of which we've been dreaming of since we left. Our favorite places to hike were the Mogollon Rim, and Tonto National Bridge, there is so much nature to explore and we were right in the middle of it. 

The night we stayed, we were getting ready for bed and Hazel all of a sudden got super hyper, like jumping from bed to bed, giggling like crazy, hyper. We then soon realized that we had never really gone on a vacation with her -that she could remember anyways- and staying overnight anywhere but home in the same room as mom and dad must have seemed too exciting for her.  Her laughter and high energy was all too fun to witness, she was eager and ready to watch tv with us while falling asleep -we knew that would never happen. 
If you're a Phoenix dweller, traveling through Arizona, or if you're looking for a cute little town to visit and maybe call your new get-away, stay a while at The Strawberry Inn. You'll find beautiful mountains to hike, historical sites to visit, and the greatest food to eat, plus you'll escape all that Phoenix heat!

When you book with The Strawberry Inn use code #dawson!10 to get 10% off your stay now through the end of they year. If you're headed up to Strawberry and looking for things to do, and places to eat I'd love to give you recommendations.

Happy traveling.



  1. That room is just too cute! We're planning to visit family in Phoenix, think we'll have to add a stop here to our list of places to stay & things to do in AZ!

  2. Looks so cute and I love that view on your hike! Certainly worth a trip to check it out!

  3. This inn is so sweet, I'd love to visit this place! Definitely going to look into if I'm ever in the area!


  4. This looks like an amazing place to stay, so fresh and clean

  5. this looks amazing!! i love the decor and especially the shiplap!

  6. That inn is so cute! I love how clean and simple everything looks. And that porch swing...I think I would spend all evening sitting in it with either coffee or a margarita lol :)

  7. Woah ! I may be the last person.. but never knew a place called
    " Strawberry " existed... and it looks equally good to the eyes ! - subah.

  8. This place looks super cute! I kind of wish my house looked like your room did. So cozy!

  9. Thanks for sharing! I've lived in Phoenix for years and have never been to Strawberry! I have a feeling that is going to change soon! The Inn looks so adorable!

  10. I love the style of the rooms. It's clean and gorgeous! I wouldn't mind checking it out one day!

  11. This is just cute, it is simple and clean and charming, thanks for sharing.



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