Wednesday, April 05, 2017

from the mouth of Hazel

 March 2017, Two years old

For a long while now I've been wanting to start a monthly--let's see how long this lasts--post about all the new things Hazel is saying. She's a pretty smart girl and I'm loving the things she is coming up with as of late.  And sometimes the things she says make me take a step back and think, is that what I soundd like?! I don't know, but let's be real. It's the cutest thing when your toddler starts to talk, their little voice is the cutest thing in the world... I know, because Hazel's IS the cutest voice in the world.

Me:--obviously trying to sleep--
H: Mom what are you dooooing?! 

H: Where is Sparkle today?! -Sparkle is our elf and she still sometimes asks this question even though she knows Sparkle went back to the North Pole with Santa. 

H: How you doing mom? 
Me: I'm good Hazel. How are you?
H: mmmmmm good. 
H: How dreaming mom? -because we usually ask if she had any dreams...

H: Mom, guess whaat?!
Me: What Hazel?
H: Mary is here! 

H: My name is Winnie the Pooh and I like honey!

H: Can I have some milk, awesome?
Me: Do you mean, also?
H: Also.

Me: Hazel do you want to play toys? 
H: Yeah, sure. 

H: Say sorry to me. 
M: Why do I need to say sorry?
H: Because that wasn't nice.

H: Do you want to go to Target?
Me: Sure! 
H: Okay, do you want to go now or later?

H: You need to say sorry or you go to time out. 

H: We both sharing!

H: She has baby in her tummy!!
Me: No, that's her chest. 
H: Oh that her chest. 

H: I have baby in my tummy like Aunt Liz. 
Me: Oh, you do?!
H: No, it's just playdoh!

H: Ohhh that's too saaaaaad.
What are your kids saying that have you cracking up? Hazel's newest word... why. And I'll just let you feel sorry for me now because I'm over here trying to figure out why Gran lives at her house, and why birds fly. 
Happy Wednesday!

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