Friday, February 17, 2017

meal time must haves for your toddler

Nuby Flower Child Toddler Bowl // Nuby Flower Child Toddler Plate // Nuby Flower Child Fork and Spoon Set 

Wow! That's a lot of pancakes - don't worry, we shared! 

Sometimes it's tough finding the perfect plate and bowl for a toddler. You have to worry about your toddler moving the bowl around the table too much, with the chance that it will possibly fall over, creating a terrible mess that no none wants to clean up. And then you also have to worry about your toddler actually liking the plate. I know, I know, sounds silly, but soon enough you hear no, I want da pink plate! I want da flower bowl! And then those will be the only ones she uses for what seems like ever! Which is one hundred percent fine, especially when they look as cute as these. I also thought that Hazel would be more excited about eating with cute pink bowls, plates, and utensils. They sure have seemed to pique her interest in eating! 

She absolutely loves her Nuby Flower Child plate, bowl, and utensil set. We love them because they are great for children who are learning to feed themselves -although Hazel already has a handle on that part- it's still nice to have easy to use items for new beginners. The fun bold colors really seem to attract Hazel's eye, and like I said she often requests these specific items. The plate has the cutest little lady bugs on it -that Hazel sometimes likes to "feed". And it also has easy to hold grips on the side that are perfect for her small hands. Both the plate and bowl have a more grip like bottom, which makes it more sturdy and less easy to push around the table.  All the items are BPA free, and available at numerous retailers. 

We love our Nuby Flower Child items, if you are interested in finding more information about them you can follow the links above! 
For more products and other information visit Nuby on their sites

I received this product for review, but all opinions and words are my own. 

Happy Friday! 

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