Monday, February 20, 2017

a condensed version of my weekend

It practically rained all weekend. And for Phoenix it was quite an exciting time, we love the rain because it doesn't happen too often. Hazel especially loves it, she loves to put her rain boots on and jump in the puddles. It's all purely instinct becasuse I really don't know where she learned it. haha! Don't you remember all that from your childhood though? Splashing in the rain, running around like a wild person because it's raining? Haha! Sounds silly, but that's what I remember. I mean it was rare because my mom was afraid we would get sick or struck by lightning, but when it did happen... maaaaaan. 

Hazel has had allergies this past week - I think so anyways, there really is no way of knowing I guess - but she always likes to be outside, so it's hard to stay away. Plus, being inside all day when you have perfect weather, just shouldn't be done. And, really, summer is going to be here sooner than I realize so we really need to soak up all this beautiful park weather ASAP. 

After awhile of playing in the rain, stomping in the puddles, and running down the hill, we headed inside for some hot chocolate... because hot chocolate is really the only way I could coax her inside. We enjoyed some time inside, played with play-doh, because we hadn't yet done that.  We watched a bit of a show, and then went and played baby dolls. I love the energy she has, and the excitement she gets when it's time to do something she really wants to do. YAY! PLAY-DOH! 

Earlier that morning we made blueberry muffins -the kind where you add one ingredient so don't be too amazed - Hazel loves to cook and she loves being able to pour all the ingredients. I joke around with Brandon that she'll be on Master Chef Jr. one day. I've been cooking since I was a year and a half.... she'll say and she'll sound like the biggest snob on the show... but she'll be the cutest, and she'll take the trophy! hahahah! I kid, about the snob part that is. (;
Sunday was more rain, Brand and I went to church, and tagged teamed watching Hazel, because we didn't want to chance her possibility of being sick, and we called it a sick day for her. She wasn't too happy when I told her I was going to nursery and she wasn't. This girl loves nursery, and she loves playing with all the fun toys we have. 

This afternoon I changed my letter board sign to say "I'm not your horse Mr. Blythe" anyone know the reference? If you do then we are kindred spirits for sure. 

Till later, and happy Monday! 


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