Wednesday, January 11, 2017

how to achieve your new years resolutions

Here we are again, at the beginning of a new year, anxiously awaiting the success of our new years resolutions. If you're like me then resolutions can be sometimes difficult-- anyone else?! If you're the rest of the population then you don't even need this post because apparently you already know how to keep your new years resolutions.  

Anyways, for those of you that are still reading, here are some ways to help you--and me--keep our new years resolutions and find success in them. 
1. Make it a Habit. Obviously right? Well, they say if you do something for three weeks then it becomes a habit. Try and stick to your resolution, do everything you can to get to the end of each week and soon your resolution will become a habit.

2. Develop a plan. What is your resolution? How are you going to succeed? Break down your resolution, what part will you have completed by the end of the month? What part will you have completed by 6 months? Maybe you need to make the break down shorter? What will you have completed by the end of the week? What will you complete in three days?

3. Take One Resolution at a Time. If you have multiple resolutions it might be difficult to start them all on January first, and really when I say difficult I mean overwhelming. So, take one at a time-or two if you prefer, and once you've made those a habit, or seem to have hold of the resolution, move on to the next one. 

4. Find Friends with Similar Resolutions. Strength in numbers right? You can make it more of a challenge or just a strong support system with the same end goal. Check in with your friends daily to see how their progress is and see if they need help with anything, in turn they will do the same for you. Having the support of friends will give you the obligation-in a way-to keep your resolution as well. 
5. Record Your Progress. Get a journal or a calendar, write down your progress and the positive things that you have done to complete the resolution. This helps you stay accountable of your resolutions, and helps you remember all that you have already accomplished. 

6. Reward Yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting so far, don't be hard on yourself, resolutions take time and can be pretty difficult. Plan a reward for yourself every so often, maybe once a week, or maybe when you have accomplished a specific part of your resolution. You be the judge. 

7. Limit Your Number of Resolutions. Be real with yourself, if you think you can only handle one resolution then just work with one resolution. Don't create a huge list of resolutions because you might be setting yourself up for failure.  If you find your one resolution is easy to accomplish then add another one to the list, no one says you can't add resolutions to your list throughout the year. 

8. Schedule Time For Your Resolution. Set aside time from your day or week-whatever your resolution calls for-and work on your resolution. If you don't find time in your day for your resolution you won't succeed, and again, you are setting yourself up for failure.  

9. Get Rid of Your Temptations. Find what will hinder your progress and get rid of it. If you find yourself wanting and being tempted, create a plan for this exact moment so that you can be ready for the temptation. 

10. Give Yourself a Consequence. This is if you are really competitive, and really wanting to get that resolution in the bag. I'm not a fan of this, because I think resolutions should be positive, but I think this might be helpful for some people. If you find yourself failing at your resolution give yourself a consequence, a time-out if you will. Hold yourself responsible for your actions and maybe next time you will be successful with your resolution. 
If you're needing help with your resolution or have any questions feel free to comment or send me an email. I love chatting with friends and helping you with your new years goals. And hey, maybe our goals are the same and we could check in with each other?! Either way, I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy resolution conquering!  


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