Monday, January 30, 2017

a condensed version of my weekend

These past few weeks have been so beautifully cold it's been amazing. To actually have to wear a jacket when you walk outside is something so weird that it seems so ridiculously fun.  We went to the park on Friday morning, I didn't even check the weather because I thought hey, we live in Arizona, and boy was I wrong. And also one hundred percent happy that I thought, just-in case to bring jackets.  We still played outside, because you can't go to the park and not actually play on it, but it was a very short visit. Poor Hazel, I guess I owe her a park date this week. 

This weekend was fun, we went to build-a-bear for Hazel's birthday. Brandon's mom and dad got  Hazel the cutest little bunny-that H got to pick out-and some cute accessories too. Hazel rode that funny car with her cousin, and then we had some yummy pretzels, Hazel almost ate an entire pretzel by herself. I guess I didn't feed her enough? 

Saturday was a lazy day filled with chores and I still feel like I didn't really accomplish much. It mostly felt like we did nothing, which we really kind of did. I started potty training Hazel this last week so I wasn't sure if she was ready to venture out into the world of we-aren't-home-to-go-potty yet. 

Our weekend is always short lived which seems to be so unfair every time I run into Sunday night. How did it get here so fast? Why am I already tired and ready for another weekend so I can rest? Sometimes we just need rest from our rest don't we? 

How was your weekend?!


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