Friday, May 27, 2016

what I'm liking, Friday

always loving her outfits, find this one here

One of the best things about holiday weekends is not only the time off that everyone has, but it's also the awesome deals you can snag at practically every store.  Here are some of my favorite bargins of this weekend: 

One of the shirts I wear at least once a week, it's so soft and comfortable I think I need more. 

I have this shirt in a different green and I love it. Perfect for summer and winter and goes with everything! 

Love these wedges -the price is still a bit steep for me, but they are seriously the cutest!

I'm always finding the best clothes at this store and I absolutely love this floral shirt.

Absolutely needing this dress, does anyone else have a problem wearing short dresses? Hazel is always scooching mine up -when she sits on my lap that is. 

What places do you like to shop? 


Monday, May 23, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Let me just start off by saying that I have one more weekend until my brother comes home. Two years is such a long time to be away! And to say I'm so excited it an understatement. And because he has never met Hazel in person, well, that's just going to make it all the better. All the more water works for me I think. I'm slightly emotional when it comes to these kinds of things, and if someone else is crying it wont be long till I'm doing the same thing. 

Weekends here are a bit the same, except for last weekend when we went swimming at a friend's house and Hazel had the time of her life. Although she slipped and bit her lip -thank heavens none of her teeth fell out- it was still a lot of fun. She loved swimming in her inner tube, watching the kids jump off the side of the pool, and she loved playing in the water fall.  If I'm being serious I did get a bit nervous a few times, and I might have been standing very close to her, but let's be real, when you're in the water you can never be too close to your little swimmer.  
My wardrobe for these past few weeks has been the same six shirts -I'm not kidding you. Slouchy tees, jeans and these white converse are always my go to because they are so extremely comfortable and easy to dress up or down. 
As of Thursday Brand officially finished up his second year of dental school. Which now means that he works on real patients... no more fake teeth, or acting patients, it's the real deal now buddy! I don't know about him, but I'm really excited for this part. And if I'm being real, I often think about what it will be like to have a husband who is a dentist and it just feels weird.  It feels weird because it seems like such a grown up job, because we're still in our early twenties aren't we? Because we got married last year right? But then when I think about it, when I think about all the things we've gone through, I think -yeah, this is right.  Two years down, two more to go and we are done! 
Of course we celebrated our yearly tradition with friends. And can I just talk about how much everyone has changed in a year -specifically these babies though. (here is last year's picture
So this officially marks the beginning of summer, although this time around Brand only has two weeks off, we'll still take all the time we can get!  No big trips or extravagant dates, just a little bit of at home time and fun with family and friends. It's all we need, really.
What are your summer plans?!

Monday, May 16, 2016

that #secondhug is always something you want to be a perfect fit

Buying diapers can sometimes be a difficult task. Which ones will work the best? what's the best quality for my dollar? are these soft enough for my baby? how do I know when they need to be changed? I thought we would have to try a whole bunch of diapers for Hazel until I found the kind I liked. Fortunately for me we found Huggies Little Snugglers early on in the diaper game, and we've been hooked ever since. 

The GentleAbsorb liner provides a nice pillowy layer of protection between your baby's skin and the diaper. The wetness indicator -maybe one of my favorite qualities- changes color to let you know when your baby needs their diaper changed. It's a nice soft natural feeling diaper that it's too bulky or heavy, but perfectly light and absorbent. They are the perfect diaper to trust to give your baby the perfect #secondhug
Having a diaper we trust always puts me at ease. Knowing that we've never had a leak or a hardcore blowout in these diapers has me recommending them to all the new moms and dads I know. So if you're in the market for diapers, and looking for ones that you can trust you can't go wrong with Huggies Little Snugglers.

Shop now until June 30th at Sam's Club and get a $10 Sam's Club e-gift card when you purchase two Huggies products (Little Snugglers/Natural Care Wipes) for more details visit this link: Huggies Little Snugglers at Sam's Club


Friday, May 13, 2016

what I'm liking, Friday

circa 2014

So my dad reminded me on Facebook that two years ago today I graduated from College. It seems like a lifetime ago and then when I think about it really hard it seems like it was just yesterday. There was so much work that lead up to graduating, and I was productive at so many things back then. Little did I know that my life was just about to start because I didn't yet know that I was pregnant. To read some of my posts about college from years past you can go here, here, and here. Sometimes it's really fun to read through all my old posts, back when I thought times were hard, and now I'm like giiiirl

And now for my meals of the week, some on repeat and some new: 

Chicken Queso, yummy and makes a lot of leftovers so prepare for that. 
Maybe it's because I'm an Arizona girl, but anything beans and cheese is always on my weekly menu, so another taco pizza for the recipe book!
This dish is delicious and really easy and quick to make, veggies and chicken
And for tonight, it's easy pizza, which I'm sure I've shared/talked about before, but it's so delicious and good for leftovers too! Hawaiian pizza bread.

You can follow me on Pinterst to see what new recipes I pin! 


Where is the weekend taking you?!


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Oh Mother's Day weekend was good to me you guys. Brand had an extra long weekend because he finished his DEX exams early, this was sooo nice! Maybe we should have taken more advantage of the time we had with him, by going out of town, but sometimes it's just as fun to stay in and enjoy being at home. Also, traveling can be a lot of work. 

Anyways, we obviously visited a lot of model homes, yes we are still addicted and going strong. Hopefully we don't run out of houses to look at, but I'm starting to get a funny feeling we are nearing this point.  Hazel's favorite part of model home searching is sitting on the beds and couches. She also really likes stairs, so I guess we have to have them in our new home? Whenever the time comes anyways. I actually don't mind. 

Mother's Day was great. Hazel slept in her crib until 7:45 and it was seriously the best! I don't remember the last time that happened... and to top it off she slept through the night. It might have been the best Mother's Day gift I've been given yet -no offense Brand. I was able to get ready for church and we were actually on time -I can count on one hand how many times that has happened this year. Yikes! 
For Mother's Day Brand got me flowers, some clothes, and ice cream -Tonight Dough, because I'm literally addicted to it. He was so very thoughtful. He also was very sweet and helpful with Hazel, he made me lunch -I requested these delicious rolls and he jumped to it. I only hope that I am able to be as good to him as he was to me for Father's Day. Guess I better get to it! 

Mother's Day we also got to talk to my brother! He is serving a church mission and has been gone for almost two years! He comes home at the beginning of June and I cannot wait! Hazel had fun talking to him, he smelt her feet-she is obsessed with that- and she showed him a few more tricks she's learned. I think it was fun for him to hear her say his name. What a special moment for some of my favorite people. Hi TY! 

Almost every time when I get out my frozen shakes Hazel comes running as she hears the crinkling sound of the bag. She giggles as she makes her way to me, and hold her arms up while saying hold.  She loves sharing these little smoothies in the morning and I don't mind it one bit, especially when I get some snuggle time and often times she'll even generously give me a kiss. What a sweet heart! 


Monday, May 09, 2016

being a mom is hard work but, it's all worth it

Hazel is at a really fun stage in life. She's learning so many new things and is really taking off with this whole talking business. The past few days it has finally hit me, my girl is growing up, and why does time move by so much faster when you have a baby? With all this growing and changing I'm realizing that it's all worth it. All those times it took me over an hour to get her to fall asleep. All the times I woke up in the night to feed her or to rock her back to sleep. Every tough time I've gone through has all been worth it.

It's all worth it because she's happy, she's happy because I've taken the time to play with her and just be with her. She's happy because I've put her before everything else. She's happy because of the choices I've made to help her. When we sing, when we dance, when we play kitchen or farm, she's happy because I'm with her. And I'm happy seeing her grow and learn. 

When I first became a mom it was really tough for me. It wasn't just about me anymore. I had someone else to take care of, someone to put before myself. Some days I didn't know how I would make it through, but I did and it was all worth it. For every time there was a rough time there were a thousand more good times. Just being this girl's mom is the best thing I could have ever asked for, the best job I could have taken. 
In honor of Mother's Day Gerber is celebrating mothers and all they do, not only for their children but for their family. Honoring every little moment, from the dirty diapers, to the happy giggles, and everything in between. I'll be sharing my favorite mom moments throughout social media during the month of May and you can too. Just use the hashtag #GrowingUpGerber.

What little moments make it all worth it for you? #GrowingUpGerber

Thank you to Gerber for sponsoring today's post and inspiring me to share the moments that make it all worth it.


Monday, May 02, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Traditionally speaking we've become model home shoppers -this isn't serious business, but it's fun. It all started last weekend when I came up with the bright idea and Brand surprisingly enjoyed it too. Before I was married my family and I would go model home shopping, just for the fun of it. It's seriously the funnest time. Unless you really hate the way your home looks -then you'll just come home and resent everything about your life. And if this is the case, don't start this tradition. So, for me, I have a hard time not stopping at model homes on the daily. Not-even-kidding. It might become an addiction. Should I keep ranting about how much fun model home gazing is? 

I feel like I haven't been enjoying this nice weather as much as I should be, so this weekend I changed that. It was fun and I'm pretty sure Hazel appreciated it. We played outside, went for walks, saw dogs and ducks. It was all a little girl could ask for. She helped me push her bike all the way across the grass -grabbing a handful of snacks every few steps of course. Hazel's new thing is saying hold. She wants to hold everything and anything. When we are outside she wants to hold the birds, so, just to appease her we try. She sees the birds on the ground and reaches her arms out and says hol!  Go hold the birds Hayes. She walks over to them, and they fly away. Oh man, I'm sorry, I guess they don't want to be held, maybe later.  To which she responds home -with a really serious look. Meaning, they're going home mom.                              
The other night when I was cleaning up dinner Brand and Hazel walked out of our bedroom with Hazel wearing this really old t-shirt. Sierra Verde Scream Team. It wasn't one of my proudest moments -being on this team- but it's just one of those shirts that's so extremely soft I just can't find myself getting rid of it.  I guess that's what happens to t-shirts after 10 years of wear. No holes mind you. 

Saturday was a busy day for us, we had a boutique to walk through in the morning, baby shower in the afternoon, model home shopping, and naps in between. It's safe to say that one of the naps was striked from the list of things to do, because sometimes things happen. But, other than that we were accomplished and I've finished most of my chores from the weekend and it's only Monday night. Productive, productive indeed. 

Happy Monday night! (T minus 30 days till my brother comes home from his mission!  



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